Alarm_control_panel "Does not have unique ID"


I am new to Home Assistant and would like to use it as a simple alarm.
Have add one door sensor and this to configuration.yaml:

  • platform: manual
    name: Home Alarm
    arming_time: 10
    delay_time: 5
    trigger_time: 4
    trigger_time: 0
    arming_time: 0
    delay_time: 0
  • alias: ‘Trigger alarm while armed away’
    • platform: state
      entity_id: binary_sensor.samjin_multi_83671101_ias_zone
      to: “open”
    • condition: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
      state: armed_away
      service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_trigger
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm

My challenge is that under Entites / Home Alarm there is a message that This entity ( alarm_control_panel.home_alarm) does not have a unique ID and then I can not get it to notify when the door sensor is opened, nor in the log.
How can I give it a unique ID or get around it?

Hope that someone can help.

I use the Alarmo component from HACS. It works very well.

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You cant. This integration is only configured through YAML and does not (yet) support a unique ID. There are many integrations like this. They are slowly being moved to the UI but this takes time.

Speaking of YAML. Please read point 11 here.

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See this FAQ entry.

You can do everything you mentioned, you just can’t use device triggers/conditions/actions.

Thanks all of you.
I will try Alarmo.
Have a nice summer.

can’t wait to see this integrated in the UI, specially after latest cool dashboard tile! :slightly_smiling_face: