Alarm control panel icon issue

My alarm control panel green shield icon is not displaying property since the latest update. I initially thought that I was cleaning the statistics and other tables and that causes the problem it was displaying blank circle but I have rolled back several times and got it right so it look like some issue somewhere in configuration. The best I able to get this time is atleast icon back with incorrectly crossed line across it.

Any help to make the corrcect state icon with green tick.

This has been mentioned in the release thread. It is fixed in 2021.10.3. PLEASE use the forum search before posting!

…and how should I search it as I have been searching since yesterday…

Using the search icon…

Or perhaps using common sense to read the release thread considering that you have only had this issue since the 2021.10 version…

On top of that you could check / search the HA Github repo.

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Thanks mate !
for your second rude response in a row.
Perhaps you should read it carefully of what I wrote. Multiple things happened at the same time. I cleaned all the tables including “statistics_meta” and upgrade to newerer version so there is a possibility of issue springing from me cleaning the entries from the table.
Since, I could not find an answer so I posted in here.
… and I can’t see any reference to this issue in release notes:

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This is not fixed, It started with empty icon and fixed wrongly with mdi: shield-off
It needed to be mdi:shield-check
roll it back a few versions and you’ll see.