Alarm Gear - UPS, Siren, etc

Hi all,
I’ve just started using HA and looking at integrating it as my home alarm system too. I have a combination of zwave devices and xiaomi pir/door triggers.

I have a few concerns.

  1. if power is lost (blackout or intentionally by thieves), I need a backup system. So I will need the xiaomi gateway and rp3 running off a UPS.
    Is this the best solution? What are others using?
  2. I need a siren system that will run when the power is off too. I thought of using a xiaomi plug with an adapter powering a siren/strobe. But again, if power goes out, this won’t work.
    I’m having a hard time finding outdoor zwave sirens that are Australian frequency compatible.
    Any ideas please??

Thanks all!!

I have the aeotec siren which is ok, but is not rated outdoor.

Did you find any?

Unfortunately Aeotec don’t make their sirens for the Australian zwave Frequency.
I found some stuff on the Alibaba website coming out of china, but unfortunately I have to order in bulk. haha
I’m not in a rush just yet, but I’m trying to build the system up before we move into our new place in about 6 months or so.
The option I have explored is using a traditional siren/strobe, and connect a dry contact trigger to the siren to trigger it. My issue with this though is having a backup if the power goes out. Both the siren and the trigger will need to have backup batteries. It gets messy.
Luckily the siren I found uses solar and an internal rechargeable battery. So if I only use Z-wave devices, the only device I need to run off a backup battery is the RPi3.

What did you end up with for Z-wave outdoor siren?

Check out my project/solution here: