Alert: ability to reload YAML config

Would be nice to have ability to reload ALERTs YAML configuration.
At moment see no such a link under ‘YAML configuration reloading’.

I agree it would be nice if there was a reload option for the Home Assistant Alerts integration similar to the other YAML based configurations.

It would also be nice if alerts could be configured through the UI, (separate feature request thread).

I find it somewhat surprising that the Alerts integration isn’t more popular. The analytics say it is only currently used by 1.4% of home assistant users (a little over 800 installations at the time of writing).

Maybe I’m missing something obvious. I know the alert integration isn’t very flexible in terms of conditions, but they are nice and easy to get pretty good alerting functionality for important events with reminders, acknowledgements, etc.

How can this in July 2021 still not be possible… :roll_eyes:

This would increase the usage of this great integration massivley - at least for me speaking.

There are some requests (with far more votes than this one) that were made over a year ago (and longer) that have not been implemented. On rare occasions, a new request, with few votes, gets fulfilled relatively quickly. It all depends on the interest and availability of volunteers.


Filed a pull request for a reload service; will see what the devs think: