Alexa, no cloud, external port 8123 with events!

That’s what I wanted to hear! Thanks for being patient with my getting back to you. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve looked at it because it has been rock solid.

From your experience, I will edit the first post so others can benefit as well.

As for the Client ID and Secret for Proactive mode (i.e. the ones that go into configuration.yaml in HA), you use the ones from the Developer’s console.

I am actually interested in that myself, that is my next step. I’ve successfully done that via Google Home using their local mDNS service (guide available on HA instructions normally for Google).

For Alexa, I am yet to find out. Let me know if you find something!

Thanks to everybody on this thread, all this stuff helped me to resolve a big issue with my home assistant installation. Just for reference, some moths ago I started to have problems with my Movistar+ TV IP TV service from Telefonica, it to freezed the streaming ramdomly. I opened an incidence an they changed my router and my deco, It works at first, but as soon as I tried to load my backup configuration with the port forwarding of 443 to 8123 in my internal HASSIO it started to fail again. I suspected that the provider have commenced to use the 443 port to configurate/monitorize some features of the deco and when I made manually this port-forwarding probably I was impacting some of this. Thanks to this thread I could resolve the integration with Alexa using the 8123 directly because the problem with the Amazon Skills API having to use 443 to authenticate. Again many thanks to the community, hope this comment can helps others.


So glad it works for you. If I was of help I’m very glad. I’ve had soooo many people help me with various things that any time I can help I am thrilled!

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