Alexa notifications, take 2?

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Until recently, the threads on people asking about getting voice notifications through their Alexa dead-ended with “Alexa doesn’t support that.”

But now it seems to:

Has anyone made this work?

It’s not publicly available yet.

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Bah. Thanks.

They are being awfully conservative about what seems like such a tier 1 use case for a smart home.

You can now push notifications to your Alexa via a simple REST API using the Notify Me skill. Even if you’ve never used a REST API, it’s pretty simple to get working.

See for more info.


…and here’s another forum member post regarding Notify Me: Alexa Notify

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I believe @anderson110 is right. This is a tier 1 use case. These aren’t push notifications. These are PUSH PAUSE notifications. Real push notifications are instant live and not queued up. Sorry, I don’t subscribe to this “Alexa, play notifications” nonsense. Whoever though of that should have been fired for being too ridiculously conservative. Now, how about offering REAL push notifications that interrupt and aren’t queued up behind some voicemail box? They should have called these Voicemail like a phone… cause that’s what they are. Is it really that difficult to allow you to have skills that blurt things out at all hours except specified DND times? “Your uber has arrived” or “Your garage door is open” or “Your wife is home” or “Your front door is unlocked” or “Someone has arrived at your front door” … are all kinds of messages you wouldn’t want QUEUED up. Alexa doesn’t support PUSH notifications… only PUSH PAUSE VOICEMAILS. Not interested in this lame feature until it really works as push notifications, interrupting as I choose during all hours except DND. Simple request isn’t it?