Alexa Routine not being Triggered by Binary Sensor

Hi everyone,

First post! I’ve been playing with HomeAssiatnt for about a month. I have it nicely controlling Hue Lights, TP-LINK Bulbs and Smart Plugs, my Smarter Kettle via IFTTT and I have it linked to my Alexa through the manual set up process.

I am trying to trigger Alexa routines (basically getting Alexa to say things to start with but maybe other actions later on). Initially I want it to say “Chris is home” when I come home, not because that is useful but just as a test. However because leaving the house and coming back is impractical I’m trying to test with just a Boolean Input, so when it changes state, the routine should trigger.

I’ve created the boolean input and a template binary sensor based on it (with device class door), I’ve enabled sending events to Alexa in the Alexa dev console and the Alexa app detects the binary sensors (including their state correctly) and allows me to use then as triggers to create the routine. The routine works when I test it (my Echo speaks) and the sensors’ states are shown correctly in the Alexa app but the routine just does not trigger on the sensor change state.

Any ideas?

try this