All entities in Lights Group

When I select “all entities” option in a lights group, every time I trigger one of the entities (lights) of that group via an automation triggered by a motion sensor (motion-activated Light), ALL lights from that group turn on. If “all entities” checkbox is selected, I am able to trigger individual entities of that group without any issues. What am I missing here?

You are missing giving us any useful information to attempt to answer.

For example, ‘When I select “all entities” option’ … where?

And, ‘If “all entites” checkbos is selected’ … where?

Those really seem to be the same without context, but you are saying they act differently.

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This is the “all entities” option in a Lights Group Helper

Somehow, when I do not select this option (which is what I want, so whenever one or more lights are turned on, the state of the group displays “lights on”), and trigger a single entity (light), all lights in that group are turned on (which is not what I want to happen).

Below is the automation that is supposed to turn 3 entities (lights) out of that group, but end up turning all the other lights in that group altogheter.

alias: Luzes Por Presenca Sala
description: “”
path: homeassistant/motion_light.yaml
motion_entity: binary_sensor.sensor_de_presenca_sala_ocupacao
- light.cristaleira_interruptor_luz
- light.aparador_interruptor_luz_2
- light.painel_tv_interruptor_luz

Please post your code using community standards. Specifically #11.

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Sorry to bother. My concern is that this is a bug/glitch, not a config issue. I have other light groups that do not behave the same way.

I will remove the post. Do not want to be an inconvenience.

Thanks for your time anyway. I will try to solve the issue myself and then make a post about it.


Do not remove the post please! We are here to help.

Just informing you that the standards are there to expedite resolutions and it helps when translating to english.

No inconvenience. Someone else may have a similar question in the future, so let’s do them a favor and answer it.

Your question is a bit cryptic, your yaml file and maybe a screenshot might help.

Guys, really appreciate your effort to help! This community ROCKS!

I just EXCLUDED that lights group and created another (identical - same entities) and now it works like a charm. Some minor glitch I guess.

All the best! Hope I can be of any assistance in the future

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