All looks ok but Home Assistant Supervised does not run - on Debian Buster

Helping is giving someone a script that will install things that firstly they have no idea about, and secondly may break the install as they are not compliant?

Cool story.

Again, it’s not helping if the help will break an install. If you really want to help, try and work out the issue he has, not provide him a guide that is non-compliant.

That’s a bonus, but doesn’t help a new person who has no idea what they are doing.

I’m assuming that a new person doesn’t know what they are doing and need a step by step procedure to assist them, not a script that blindly does things for them.

No, you indeed didn’t force him to use “your” script. But you didn’t tell him either that “your” script will probably render his install into an unsupported installation (ADR-0014). Which isn’t a really great help to a novice.

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So you want people, who don’t know how to install HA, or what may or may not make it a compliant install, to take your script and edit it to install HA correctly? :rofl:

Don’t worry. I (the new guy) was quite sure that a random installation script wouldn’t cleanup the broken installation I had created for myself.

If there is a problem with the official installation that is solved by this new procedure then a bug should be raised so that the official installation procedure can be fixed. That way everybody benefits from the enhancement, and there is less confusion for us newbies who are confronted with a bazillion installation processes, scripts and snippets of information.

There isn’t.