Alternative HW platforms

Nice. Though, I feel my question is already redundant since the rpi4 was released early and offers a solution to all the things I was missing in the rpi3, plus a lower price point than the n2

Yeah, once the Pi4 boots from USB / ssd I reckon that will be a lot of people’s concerns answered, myself included.

Still the N2 is wonderfully solid, and has enough horsepower to be a future-proof home-server for a good spread of uses. Haven’t had to reboot it except for my own experimentations :slight_smile:

Where did you get it for that price? :slight_smile:

Sorry, ignore me. Should’ve read beyond your post :slight_smile:

Did you run linux?
I read on internet that the T620 can’t boot on linux with the m.2 ssd, only on usb stick.

Linux works great on the SSD, but I think they use some sort of encryption on it, because I had to use GParted to delete the disk partitions, before it would let me install a different OS.