Android TV Remote - App Links/Deep Linking - Guide

Hi Jammy,
Did you ever get the deep link for STAN, the Australian streaming service/app?


you can use this link, it does not open the store, however I guess that an internet connection is required to make it work :

For Polish app “WP Pilot”, visible as “pl.videostar” (example instead of TV icon):

tap_action: null
service: remote.turn_on
activity: redirwppilot://
entity_id: remote.chromecast

GoPlay has been added !

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Were you able to get this working, I did see that maybe you had the mobile app apk not the TV apk, I got different names but still no luck.

I updated the first post. You can launch any app by its package name. e.g. you can launch Kodi with market://launch?id=org.xbmc.kodi
The package name of an app is shown in the current_activity of the remote entity or you can find it in the URL at the Google Play Store. Many thanks to @albaintor who mentioned this trick in How to launch any app such as Kodi · Issue #17 · tronikos/androidtvremote2 · GitHub

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If you have a TV (or some other Android device) running Android 7.x or older and you cannot upgrade the OS and you are comfortable editing AndroidManifest.xml and you are comfortable building Android apps and deploying them to your TV, here’s how you can deeplink to apps that do not support deeplinking:

What about a full kiosk browser? Who can provide its own link?

This does not launch the app, it only opens Play Store in its page. But it’s better than nothing, thank you. (Chromecast with Google TV 4K).

Any Idea for Telekom Magenta TV in Germany?

Could anyone kindly provide us with the link to this program, if available? Much appreciated.