Announcement: Appdaemon v4.0.0

that behaviour cant be explained.
your dashboards dont even know the token from appdaemon.yaml if you use the default widgets.
and HA doesnt know that dashboards are from appdaemon.

that can only be explained if you got a custom widget that somehow retrieves the token from appdaemon.yaml
but like i explained before, there are also race situations. so it is probably just coincidence that its not there after you added the token.

You’re correct, it actually logged 30 blocks and went away. So weird.

@TheLaw, @ReneTode.

Here is the standard camera widget adjusted to show the image or stream in fullscreen mode when clicked. Please try it out before I do a PR.

Tested on Chrome, Safari on an iPad, Firefox and Edge and also on a laptop with a touchscreen with the mentioned browsers.

but does it also return to normal state after a certain amount of time?
because thats what people ask for.

The standard widget has a link to the image so the image file pops up in the browser, making it hard to return to HADashboard. I have removed the link and instead you get the standard close button or you can just use press escape.

If someone wants it to return after a while, I can add this, but I don’t think that was the issue.

i have had about a dozen questions from people like this:

when i click on the camera it goes to full screen, and i have no way to return to the dashboard.
is there a way to avoid that?

lately i had more question about wanting not to have the option then wanting it.
so if we add it, it should have a return on default, that can be overwritten by an option, and an option to disable it completely.

remember that a lot of people use dashboards on a tablet with fully, without buttons for close of escape.

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The iPad adds a close button since I am using a system call to go to full screen so there is a close button available on all devices, even phone. I think the inclusion of a <a> tag in the camera widget was the problem.

I also removed some unused css tags.

The previous implementation would close after 30 seconds (could be adjusted in code) or on screen tap. I have 6 wall mounted tablets in my home, but none have physical navigation buttons.

Ok, so I’ll add a return after 30 seconds as a default and make it as a parameter.

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Awesome! Not sure how the screen tap worked, must have been an overlay over the stream while in full screen.

i dont think that will be available if you use fully. because it is already in fullscreen and it doesnt have the possibility. (actually it could be available, but in configuration most people disable those options on purpose, and if the kiosk mode is used it is disabled)

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and when you are at it, could you please make the total option configurable? for those who never want it to go to full screen?

So, to summon up:

  • Add nofullscreen option
  • Add timeout option in seconds. Set to zero to stay in fullscreen
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that would be great.

If I am not being too greedy, I would also add close on screen tap (bypassing the timed close). I know people would appreciate that. Thank you for all your effort here!

@ReneTode, @TheLaw.

Ok, done.

There are two config options:

  fullscreen_timeout: 3  # Timeout in seconds. Defaults to 30 seconds
  nofullscreen: "on"       # This will turn off the full screen function. 

This it how it is supposed to work:

  • With no config options: Click on the image will enter fullscreen and go back after 30 seconds.
  • With fullscreen_timeout: 3. Goes back after 3 seconds
  • With nofullscreen: "on". Does nothing
  • Click or touch while in fullscreen: Goes back and resets any running timeout.

Please try it out.

I will move this to a new thread now since its off topic.

thx. tomas.

when a few people use it and there are no unexpected problems (which i dont expect) then please make a PR for it and ill ask Andrew to accept it.

i cant test it myself, so i need to take your word on it :wink:

Moved the discussion here:

You can test it with a static image :slight_smile:

i got no cams in my HA setup at all.
took them all out because HA couldnt handle it.
so i got no camera entities to test with.