Announcing ESPHome Web App -- Control ESPHome microcontrollers without Home Assistant / ESPHome

Thank you. These things should not cause any issues to my knowledge. I’ll do some testing and see if I can reproduce the issue on my end.

Give it another shot. I believe I have resolved the issue.

Make sure you are loading the insecure version of the site. A little dialog should show up if the connection fails directing you to the insecure version. If not you can also just use the URL (note the HTTP instead of HTTPS).

The insecure version is a fallback for browsers that do not yet support the brand new experimental Private Network Access Permission Dialog API.

Also, I’ve been experiencing intermittent mDNS issues on the Android emulator. It sometimes fails to resolve the devicename.local domain, while it’s working no problem on other devices / systems. You may want to try using the IP address instead if it’s still not working. This seems to be a bug in Android and not sure if there is anything I can do about that.

It works! I see the values of my bme280 sensors now. Except those in deep sleep of course… :wink:
Anyhow: this will be extremely useful.

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What was that fixed it for you in the end? Using the IP address over the hostname?

Just used the URL in your previous post and enter the internal IP’s.

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Wi-Fi provisioning and firmware flashing now on ESPHome Web App!

Roughly 10 days ago I announced the first public release of ESPHome Web App (ESPWA), a Progressive Web App (PWA) designed to streamline the setup, configuration, and control of ESPHome-based microcontrollers independently, without requiring additional infrastructure like an ESPHome or Home Assistant instance.

Today I am excited to share that I just released a major update that adds support for provisioning (i.e. configuring Wi-Fi) and firmware flashing of ESPHome-based microcontrollers right from within ESPHome Web App.

Check it out:

Since last week I’ve also fixed a whole slew of bugs that were so kindly reported by the community, added additional self-hosting customization options and wrote documentation on how to setup a self-hosted, customized instance of ESPWA.

If you run into any problems, please report them on the issue tracker.


Well the simple answer for me is that IF I had read this a week ago I wouldn’t have bought a PC to run Home Assistant on so I could use ESPhome :frowning:
So I absolutely see the merit in this - if you want to make IOT devices with web interfaces you don’t need Home Assistant or the 3 figure number of dollars of hardware to run it on.

Thanks Dev0, there are some very important use cases that this is going to simplify.

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Can I use this as a faster method of compiling and installing ESPhome updates for my devices?
The other day I compiled updates for just two of my devices and my little Raspberry Pi 4 was chewing on it for over half an hour each! And I have 16 more devices pestering me to be updated!!!

Nope, that won’t help in your case, as the compile process is the one that slows you down. And that one entirely depends on ESPHome itself. :slight_smile:

But you can use any other computer to compile the binaries and then use this tool to flash it. Or you use the WebInstaller from ESPHome. Take a look at the ESPHome website to check, what installation method would work for you (Windows, Linux, whatever). :slight_smile:

Yeah, you don’t want to do the compiles on a RPi via the ESPHome add-on. I just use ESPHome command-line on my laptop to compile and send the OTA update:

This (ESPHome Web App) is great for that first flash of a new ESP device. After that, I do all OTA updates via the command line. I can still use the add-on inside HA to view the ESP devices, but I find I rarely even look at it any more.

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I am starting to look for solutions and came across this. I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time learning more programming, but what I am thinking is to take the scripts and automations I have in Home Assistant and port them to a Wemos D1 controller. I will need a web interface as well. Question: Does anyone know what is easy to program/port and to combine this web interface as well?

Basically, I want to port over my thermostat control to an ESP8266. The board is designed specifically for evaporative cooling but can also accommodate AC units.

In theory you can use ESPWA for this. However, the thermostat component is currently not implemented in ESPWA. I will eventually get to that, but it’s not on my immediate list right now. If you would like to move forward using / experimenting with ESPWA for your Thermostat project, you can always expose parts of the thermostat component using other template components. E.g. you can expose the Thermostat current setpoint as a Number component and the current mode as a Select component.

Once you have programmed your microcontroller you just load ESPWA and add the controller as a host and it will load and show you all the exposed entities, sensors and buttons, etc.

Why does it work in the browser on the MacBook but not in the browser on the iPhone?

Do I have to install or can I always use