Another component for ZiGate


@Carasak I’ve opened an issue


I just realize that Ikea motion sensor probably works like Ikea remote, so probably you need the last 3.0f firmware


Thanks for info.
I was trying to update to 3.0f PR…now nothing works :wink:
Will let you know the outcome once i managed to get that thing working again.


I just update the zigate lib to 0.27.8 to fix a crash after flashing a new firmware, sorry for trouble


3.0f is finally released. Do you recommend the update doudz ?
What’s the best way to do that for people using your component ?


sure I recommand it, even if not all new features are supported.
Steps are :

  • Stop HA
  • Flash the new firmware (from Windows for now)
  • If you come from 3.0d or 3.0e : Erase EEPROM
  • ReStart HA
  • If you Erase EEPROM, Pair again your devices
  • Enjoy


And because pairing is using ieee adresses it will recognize devices as soon as I pair them is that correct? No need to change zigate.json file or do whatever in .storage directory ?


yes, you don’t have to touch anything


not always working as expected with me sorry
I’ve updated the firmware but now when I pair battery powered devices I have two entries for the same ieee in zigate.json.
And the hass component is not updated.
for example motion sensor 00158d0001a8d55a in

What’s wrong with my setup ?


Forget about this, after a lot of retry and some hass restarts it finally works for almost all my devices at the first try.
But xiaomi devices with batteries does have really strange behavior. But it looks like it’s a know issue:


hard to say what happens, log could help but if everything’s ok now it’s good