Another Topic on Commercial Applications with Home Installations (Rough How-To?)

Hmm I have not had any issues and I’m on supervisor-2022.04.0 HA core-2022.4.6

Is there some specific stop-gap solution to maybe block any update of Supervisor? Maybe some firewall rule to block some specific IP or domain? Would the (supervisor of the) HAOS complain? Would the HAOS setup stop working?

(Has this been discussed before?)

Yes; like I said, it’s long-standing request.

Another good reason for running ha in a vm is that you can easily do a checkpoint or spin up another vm of your ha server and test upgrades and integrations before applying to production systems.

That’s a good reason and I use a spare RPi3 for that purpose. My production server doesn’t get upgraded until I validate the upgrade on the test server (which is where I discovered the bug while attempting to perform an upgrade).