Any of you do HA installs as a business? Do you skip updates?

Yup, I am trying to stay away from battery operated sensors. First the 12v small batteries are not easy to find locally. What I am looking into now is setting up 18650 batteries on the important switches/setups (like the ones that have door sensors attached to them), and maybe even on some cameras. That way my clients can get a UPS for their modem/router and the raspberry pi, if someone cuts the power to the whole house, the main sensors and cams would remain active for a few minutes, as well as the internet connection and the HA setup.

Hi ! did you something with your project ? I brainstorming on the best way to do it with all the new versions… Just want to know if you realized it !?

gracias amigo !

Was wondering how business went? Managed to find your website but your social medias don’t seem to work and not show up on google.

You can charge a one-time fee for the initial installation of the system. Besides, you can offer ongoing support for the system.