Any way to format cards differently?

I want a weather forecard card, and am using the new hourly_summary part of and I know how to customize some parts of it. But look how it is formatted:

Is there a way to make the blurb prettier and/or smaller?

Here’s what I have in my customize section:

   friendly_name: Cloud Coverage
   icon: mdi:cloud
   friendly_name: Outdoor Humidity
   icon: mdi:water
   friendly_name: Barometric Pressure
   icon: mdi:nature
   icon: mdi:thermometer
   friendly_name: Outdoor Temp
   icon: mdi:weather-windy
   friendly_name: Wind Speed
   friendly_name: Condition
   friendly_name: Ozone Levels
   friendly_name: Prob of Precip
   icon: mdi:weather-windy
   friendly_name: Precip Type
   icon: mdi:weather-rainy
   friendly_name: Precip Intensity
   icon: mdi:weather-rainy
   friendly_name: Visibility
   icon: mdi:weather-fog
   friendly_name: Nearest Storm
   icon: mdi:flash
   friendly_name: Wind Bearing
   icon: mdi:compass
   friendly_name: Real Feel

It ended up looking like this


Thank you but that did not answer my question.

A related(?) question: Can I format the numbers of the Google Travel Time sensor better? Look at how silly this is:

First back to your original question since that wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

If you are referring to the “Titles” of the cards, then no, there isn’t anything currently available as a method easily accessed unless you alter the actual code of the underlying framework. The framework is documented though and some users have customized it; a search in the forums should find something to help you.

As for your second question, you can format things like this using the sensor_template component.

I actually just did something like this in this thread if you’d like to see an example. The documentation for sensor_template is here. You can also template switches and binary sensors.

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I noticed in the screenshow above that you don’t have the Menu and the Microphone.

How did you hide them? I would like to hide the Microphone from my setup becasue I don’t use it and it takes quite a lot of spane on the smartphone…

There is any way to hide/remove the microphone? And the menu option?

Thank you.

Not sure why the menu didn’t show up in the screen shot, but to hide the mike, just comment out the conversation component in your configuration.yaml file as below:


You can do this with other components you may not use, like history or logbook.

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About the first question, here is a solution