Anyone have Authelia working with HA to handle authentication?

Makes sense.

I recently came across this also which I just installed today. So far, its working fine but have not yet tested with multi users.

According to this issue here you need to open up a lot of resources for Authelia. Seems like a large attack area, is this ok to have Authelia bypass?

- domain: ""
      policy: bypass
        - "^/api.*"
        - "^/auth/token.*"
        - "^/.external_auth=."
        - "^/service_worker.js"
        - "^/static.*"
        - "^/local.*"
        - "^/hacsfiles.*"
        - "^/frontend_latest.*"
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Recently lost a drive and Authelia was a victim. Now everything is trying to reauthenticate and I am not even sure what is trying!

I’ve had a read of this thread and might be time to consider other options…

I’m cannot find a homeassistant authelia addon to augment nginx proxy manager. Is anyone working on an add on for this? I found there is a docker container available for authelia but havent pulled it yet. I will begin working on an addon in the upcoming weeks but don’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone is already working on it. i’d like to colab if this is in progress

If you are interested in Authelia working natively with Home Assistant, as the current solution requires bypasses as listed above and does not always work well with the mobile apps, please upvote Open letter for improving Home Assistant's Authentication system and leave your use-case there as well.

If enough people are interested in using SSO with HA, this would be a great spot to let the developers know. Thank you!

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My intent is to run Authelia as an addon to work with the nginx Proxy Manager. The holidays have slowed me down a little but this is on the top of my list for the new year.

I just discovered this ticket which i found interesting as after I have Authelia working with Nginx Proxy Manager I was going to look into fail2ban with Nginx Proxy Manager as well.

I wrote a Command Line Authentication script to handle authentication with Authelia. Code is here: Home Assistant Command Line Authentication for Authelia · GitHub

You can also find all instructions on my blog.

Main limitations are:

  • no 2FA support
  • requests will originate from HA itself, so be careful to not fail2ban it. Make sure you limit failed logins on the HA side instead.

I just started setting up Authelia. @kevinoconnor7 is this still working well for you? I’m going to go down this path following your blog instructions.

I was able to follow your instructions and the web UI login works mostly great. HomeAssistant doesn’t know who I’m logged in as, but that’s not a big deal.

My next problem was the iOS Companion app. I had to delete the server, and then re-add it. After that, I was fine. Thanks!

I have this working using: GitHub - BeryJu/hass-auth-header: Home Assistant custom component, which allows you to delegate authentication to a reverse proxy.

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I think I’ve solved the issue with Authelia and mobile applications. I’ve documented the complete setup here so you can reproduce it on your installation as well.

My solution doesn’t involve bypassing any URL (that would reduce the security of HA, IMHO if API access isn’t authenticated). It simply leave the HASS’ login for mobile application intact but only allow SSO for web access.

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