Anyone working on a Bitwarden add-on?

Did anybody ever try to create a add-on for the community version of Bitwarden? I’m unfortunately not really into Linux and Docker side of things, so I can’t even judge if it would be possible to do using their provided Docker containers ( ).
I know that there is a passbolt add-on, but they do not (and will not) support grouping passwords in folders in the community version (according to their website), so I didn’t even give it a try since I like to keep things organized. So did anybody ever play with it?

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Would love to see a Bitwarden add-on too. I am using Bitwarden now for a while, but would appreciate a self-hosted version due to security reasons.

I want to swap from Lastpass to Bitwarden so would be great if I could self-host,
(I need to tidy up my vault before transferring it over… I just keep putting it off as its going to be a massive pain…)

I’m not working on it myself, but last month I basically had the same idea.
I’ve created a feature request on the official addon repository: in the hope somebody from the team would work on it.

I might have some time later this year, when I get my own HassIO up and running again, to start work on an addon myself, but that can take quite a while still…



I guess you guys are looking for this:


This Add-On is great. But can i use the iOS or Android App also and sync with the local hosted “server”?

Tried to work with it. Only problem is errors on sending emails.
Would be great to add this:


somewhere in the ./bwdata/env/global.override.env file