Anyway to make dashboards "prettier"/ more colorful for lack of better words (screenshots attached)


Is there anyway to make some of this stuff look better? I know “look better” is subjective but my dashboards just all look stale/ boring.

Thank you for any of your thoughts on this.

I use a lot of custom:button-cards to create my dashboards …

See this for more examples:

this also does bring some life in your dashboard:

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@BebeMischa @browetd

Thank you all for these ideas. I just feel like my dashboards look awful. They’re functional but too utilitarian for my liking.

Definitely hoping for some ways to spruce them up from a looks perspective.

Do you all know of anyways to get pictures etc. in the backgrounds of some of the entities cards etc?

I will be looking at your all’s links this evening for some afternoon reading.

Thank you all again.

Look at the links first, you’ll answer your own question.

Also install HACS and look at the Front end section. It’s basically nothing but themes and custom cards for this very thing.


Thank you for that Nathan. That’s awesome.

I’ll be taking a look shortly.

Ok, I follow you on the Front End section of HACS. Currently, I’m using “Dwains Dashboard” which was great to get up and running quickly but I think I was really after making something more “mine”

Thank you for your response Nathan!!

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A lot of people seem to like Mushroom Cards too.

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I guess it’s all about how you lay it out. I’m no Lovelace expert but after a bit of trail and error I have a few functional dashboards that also look good on mobile :slight_smile:

I used some Mushroom Cards :slight_smile:

A few ideas, old but colorful

My goodness those are nice. I am truly a failure. Haha

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Those are 3 years old. I had a lot of time on my hands then, but in the beginning we didn’t have as many new cards available as they do now. It was mostly styling CSS to make things look better :+1: Feel free to look through my code on Github, may get a couple ideas :pinching_hand:

I appreciate that. I wondered if you were doing some of that with CSS. My just look so stale. I feel like they would look better if the “backgrounds” could be a faded photo etc.

my fav is the State-switch demo I did on YouTube…pretty sweet…thanks and good luck. You can catch me on Discord from time to time if you have any questions or need any help