AppDaemon: Unknown service (default/zwave/refresh_node_value)

I have set up an AppDaemon module that interacts with a ZWave device and uses special logic to interpret it’s sensor value in a way that would be impossible (or extremely non trivial) to do in an automation.

I have an automation that triggers an event at sunrise that the module listens for. It was working very well- or so I thought.

When I noticed that the sensor’s value didn’t look right on some days, I saw in the AppDaemon Log:

2020-05-18 17:57:36.971300 WARNING AppDaemon: Unknown service (default/zwave/set_config_parameter) in call_service

2020-05-18 17:57:37.019028 WARNING AppDaemon: Unknown service (default/zwave/refresh_node_value) in call_service

which was triggered respectively by the code:

self.call_service("zwave/set_config_parameter", node_id=....
self.call_service("zwave/refresh_node_value", node_id=...

If I restart AppDaemon, the errors go away. Though I’m not 100% sure, it seems that the issue happens after a reboot- or at least this is the easiest way for me to reproduce the problem. Perhaps it’s some type of initialization issue. almost as if AppDaemon comes up before ZWave does and ‘caches’ it’s unavailable state for when my automation runs.

Any suggestions?

Confirmed today that the problem can also happen arbitrarily, when there hasn’t been a reboot- it happened for my sunrise automation again today. Worked fine after restarting AppDaemon and manually triggering it.

There doesn’t seem to be a service for AppDaemon itself that I can call to automate restarting it as a workaround, so I’m stuck at the moment. Any help is appreciated.

Just saw that my issue is covered in
Unknown domain (default/remote) in call_service

I’m not really understanding what the solution was. Was it just to retart appdaemon everytime you rupdate homeassistant? Or was it you have to get in there and rename the services called?