AppDaemon won't start - complains about secrets.yaml

remove and install appdeamon
directory is mounted

There, in the `appdaemon.yaml`, you need to change `/config/secrets.yaml` to /homeassistant/secrets.yaml`.

appdeamon wotks fine
i have to check nspanel config , it doesn’t refresh

thanks for help

a nspanel w dupie nie działa , bo zawsze coś trzeba namieszać, manual jak dla mały kopiuj/wklej a jak trzeba naprawić to nie wiadomo o co chodzi


In my case the only thing I did was edit the appdaemon.yaml file in its new directory.

The error was it could find /config/secrets.yaml and I noticed the config files were moved to addon_config/a0d7b954_appdaemon when I opened the network folder via SAMBA so I just edited the file there, restarted and it worked just fine.

So if you can try that first to see if it works for you too.


Couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t create a file, and there it was. Thank you!


Same here and my AppDaemon has been deleted.

What I did to restore my NSPANEL app

  • Download and open a backup and extract the “homeassistant” archive/folder located at the root of the archive.
  • Locate the folder /root/addon_configs/XXX-appdaemon (XXX seems to be a dynamic name that you are to replace with your app ID)
  • copy homeassistant/data/appdaemon/appdaemon.yml to /root/addon_configs/XXX-appdaemon/appdaemon.yml
  • copy homeassistant/data/appdaemon/apps/apps.yml.yml to /root/addon_configs/XXX-appdaemon/apps/apps.yml
  • Edit file /root/addon_configs/XXX-appdaemon/appdaemon.yml and replace “/config/secrets.yml” by “/homeassistant/secrets.yml”
  • restart the add-on and check the logs
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I will reiterate the post above:


Just read the post. I also started with trying to restore to get the AppDaemon config because I didn’t read what was going on.

To make it easier for people finding this thread (instead of the older one that also solves the problem, the one I didn’t search for before creating this), I’ve marked the post as solution:

For me helped just editing location of “secrets.yaml” in " /root/addon_configs/XXX-appdaemon/appdaemon.yaml" to “/homeassistant/secrets.yaml”

Everything else was just copied with update to new location.


Appreciate that answer ! That did the work for me too !

Hi to all, Yes this resolved my issue. I have just need to change appdaemon.yaml config to /homeassistant/secret.yaml

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My /config/appdaemon is empty and there is no /addon_configs. I searched the entire system for my py files e.g. find / | grep No results. How screwed am I?

Are you using the Samba Share addon? If not, try that, this is where the addon_configs can be found. I’m not sure where to find it if using other approaches.

could someone post a more detailed instruction on how to do this please. I have read the posts over and over and it does not make any sence to me, my head is spinning just like my ns panel screens. TIA

additionally i have to copy folder nspanel-lovelace-ui app from old location

check if dir has been mounted

df -h 

you should have something similar

/dev/sda8                30.8G     17.3G     12.2G  59% /addon_configs

The two easiest ways I know:

Using Samba

  1. Make sure you have the SambaShare addon installed and configured.
  2. Mount the addon_configs from a computer on the same network as Home Assistant. How you do depends on your OS.
    2.1. On macOS, you open Finder, press Cmd + k and write smb://$HA_IP (where $HA_IP is the IP of your Home Assistant instance), then log in with the credentials you defined in the addon configuration.
    2.2. Select addon_configs
  3. Open the addon_configs and the the folder that has appdaemon in the name.
  4. Find the appdamon.yaml file - this is the exact same file you had before, it has just been moved.
  5. Find the line where it says /config/secrets.yaml and change that to /config/secrets.yaml.
  6. Save and close the file, then restart the AppDaemon addon.

Using Terminal

  1. After logging in (however you prefer, I use this addon), navigate to the new Appdaemon directory by typing cd addon_configs then ´cd $APPDAEMON´ where $APPDAEMON is the name of the directory with appdaemon in the name.
  2. Open the appdamon.yaml file by typing nano appdamon.yaml.
  3. Find the line where it says /config/secrets.yaml and change that to /config/secrets.yaml.
  4. Save and close the file (press Ctrl + o then Ctrl + x), then restart the AppDaemon addon.

Open Studio Code Server. Press the 3 lines at the top left. Then select File/Open Folder. Then you can select the /addon_configs folder. Then do the same again to get back to the /config folder.

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Easiest I found to access /addon_configs folder is via Studio Coder Server i.e. Open Studio Code Server. Press the 3 lines at the top left. Then select File/Open Folder. Then you can select the /addon_configs folder. Then do the same again to get back to the /config folder.

so I would need this add on installing?

Or is it another pc program called “studio code server”
Sorry but this is way above what I have done so far.

Yes. Go in your HA to Settings/Add-ons and add Studio Code Server (formerly Visual Studio Code i.e. if you type Visual Studio Code, HA will show you the Studio Code Server add-on). By default the add-on should show your /config folder. Press “Yes” regarding “Trust the Authors” when opening the first time.

Appdaemon is also above what I’m used to but Studio Code Server is my default add-on if I have to change something in my configuration.yaml, sensors.yaml and secrets.yaml. I also can manage all my HACS custom integrations with that tool. And since I’m using the Appdaemon based ELCO Remocon net AppDaemon (sensors for my ELCO heating system) custom integration, I had to find a simple visual way to access the hidden appdaemon.yaml and to change the secrets path. I’m not used to Terminal and Samba :slight_smile:

Thanks for the promt reply, I have installed and followed your instructions, but I am unsure what to do when i get to the folder , I am trying to post what it says but its complaining its not formatted correct

Open appdaemon.yaml in the /addon_configs folder and adapt to your needs. I had only to change the secrets path from 
secrets: /config/secrets.yaml 
secrets: /homeassistant/secrets.yaml 
to get Appdaemon running again
As an example, my appdaemon.yaml looks as follows:
secrets: /homeassistant/secrets.yaml
  latitude: 52.379189
  longitude: 4.899431
  elevation: 2
  time_zone: Europe/Amsterdam
      type: hass
      ha_url: http://homeassistant.local:8123
      token: !secret appdaemon_token
  url: http://homeassistant.local:5050