Apple watch complication not working

Hi, I am trying to have some sensor values (temperature data) on my apple watch. I have created some apple watch config (complications) in the companion ios app but when I try to add it in the watch ios app I have only something called “espace reserve” or “space booked” or “space reserved” (in english) instead of the complication I have created in the companion app…
Any idea of the issue ?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi, nobody has a apple watch and wants to use it with HA? I have tried to follow this… …but it is working only for a “color” face. Any idea how to do it for another face ? Thx

Hi @one1tick. I have the same problem, did you find the solution ? Thx.

Hi, I’ve just added a new video on each working Complication type here for Home Assistant and Apple Watch Complications. Hopefully this will help guide you through the process: Home Assistant and Apple Watch - Actions and Complications Guide (iOS 9) - YouTube

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Thank you very much for creating this comprehensive video. It was very well done. I was struggling with a few things that were driving me crazy and this video set me on the right track. I like how you did the split screen for companion app, watch software, and watch face.

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