Applying fix in openzwave to get Remotec ZXT-120 working with HASSbian

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But modifications in this file will affect all devices in the net, will it?
I don’t use HASSbian, I use Domoticz, and I’ve found similar issues with this device. So the origin is in the device or in ZWave lib. We cannot change the device, so the only way to fix it is patching libs.
So I worked hard to find the patch and asked for include it in OZWave, but I didn’t get the fix commited (more than two years later I ignore the reason). This is the only way to fix ZXT-120 issue I found, and nobody gave an alternative. Just that it’s is ugly or not elegant or not perfect… but everybody says it works.
But I am sure the the only fix is patching OZWave, if anybody find a better patch please send it to Github OZWave.