APSystem Solar Energy Integration

I got this setup and working…Thank you for making this integration.

But i do not seem to be able to add any of the sensors to “Energy/Solar Panels”, it seems the " Energy Management" in Home Assistant was added after the integration was made so i guess it has not be tested before and maybe something smal to fix?

First thank you all for working on the subject. I’ve got APSystems ECU-C init and I’m using EMA integration by https://github.com/bgbraga/homeassistant-apsystems . I also was trying tu use ECU-R integration by https://github.com/ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur with some modifications to include ECU-C but it hangs after day or so. So I decided to use scrape platform as it is mentioned in the firs post of this thread but i faced problem of weak UCU-C processor (I have 43 entities to monitor each panel). To override performance problem I’m using command_line platform to download ECU-C web pages to home assistant disk and from hat location do the craping.
My command to get html files are:

  - platform: command_line
    command: python3 -c "import requests;  import  datetime; url = ''; r = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True).text; f=open('/config/www/aps_home.html', 'w');  f.write(r);  f.close();  print('Downloaded',datetime.datetime.now())"
    name: aps_file
    scan_interval: 300
  - platform: command_line
    command: python3 -c "import requests;  import  datetime; url = ''; r = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True).text; f=open('/config/www/aps_rtd.html', 'w');  f.write(r);  f.close();  print('Downloaded',datetime.datetime.now())"
    name: aps_file_rtd
    scan_interval: 300

THen Im able to use crape platform to get data from hrml files.
Example of scraping from Home page:

  - platform: scrape
    resource: https://your-address_here:8123/local/aps_home.html
    name: Lifetime generation
    select: "td"
    index: 1
    value_template: >
        {{value.split(" ")[0]}}
    unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
    scan_interval: 300

Example of scraping from Real Time Data:

  - platform: scrape
    resource: https://your-address_here:8123/local/aps_rtd.html
    name: SQ1.1- power
    select: "td"
    index: 1
    value_template: >
        {{value.split(" ")[1]}}
    unit_of_measurement: "W"
    scan_interval: 300

All you have to do is to change index number.
I hope it helps someone.
By the way, it would be great if someone explain how those integrations mentioned above work. It is to complicated to understand how this work. Descriptions from developers.home-assistant.io are not clear enough for beginner like me.


I’ve had this working like a charm but a couple of weeks ago it all collapsed and I have not been able to get this to work again. I have set things up (not using hacs) and all looks fine. However, when rebooting HA this is what I get

The folder holds the following

The configuration.yaml holds the following (values not added)

  • platform: apsystems_ecur
    sunset: on

Any clues where I need to look to get this fixed? I want my Energy dashboard to work again including my solar panels.


Does anyone have a clue why I’m getting this error message?


Remove everything because https://github.com/bgbraga/homeassistant-apsystems is no longer supported.

Use https://github.com/skelgaard/homeassistant-apsystems and install as previous version. Everything worked for me again.

I removed the integration from HACS and added a # within my configuration YAML for al of the lines concerning the APSystem integration.
I rebooted, installed new integration. Rebooted again, removed # from YAML and rebooted once more. Tot everything working perfectly. Even have the solar info every hour.

configuration.yaml should contain:

    scan_interval: 60

This is for the GitHub - ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur: Home Assistant custom component for local querying of APSystems ECU-R Solar System integration.

(but with your Wifi attached IP-Address not mine

Hi krizzziz,
I have removed the old apsystem_ecur. The new folder is now present containing the following

I do not have any errors anymore…so that is looking good
My configuration.yaml contains the following (same as for bgbraga)

  • platform: apsystems
    sunset: off

What I’m not seeing (yet) are the numbers flowing into HA. The Entities also seem to stay empty.
Maybe it’s a timing thing. I will check tomorrow.
Thanks for the message and I do hope I get this working again. I liked the energy panel showing my slimme meter, solar panels and all my shelly’s.

Hope things start to work again. Thanks for the message!

Hi krizzzziz,
I have things up-and-running but there are no figures coming through for Solar. The error message is gone so that seems great. I’m a bit puzzled on what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


As of today this integration has stopped working because AP Systems has added a verification code to their login page

Yes, bad news…

Any alternative to direct connect to ECU-B? I checked if has any door open, but not found

Hi! It’s still working great for me.Is it already working for you?

I do not have my username and pw in the configuration.yaml. Try only these:

platform: apsystems
sunset: off

Things are also still working for me. HA is getting data without any further issues.

I’ve been using this integration for some time but ran into an issue where I have one day with negative values for power generation which is skewing my data and history, any idea how I can fix this?

I have a ECU-R ; looks like pro firmware based on the sticker on the bottom.
Connected to the EM App ; it says I’m on version 2.0.0 ; how do you all get firmware updates ?
also I can’t seem to connect to its IP address via the integration.

Firmware is send OTA (Over The Air). Somewhere around 02:00 in the early morning your ECU does some maintenance (check if data is up-to-date with EMA site) and checks on an EMA domain if new firmware is available. If so it upgrades. Unfortunately no release notes are available (yet).

If you are using Kyle’s integration, be advised that your model is not stable for this use. It should be with ModBus but I have not heard anyone who uses it with success yet.

I can’t find my systemID

Make sure you’re using this integration: GitHub - ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur: Home Assistant custom component for local querying of APSystems ECU-R Solar System

You don’t need to specify the systemID; all you need is the IP address of your ECU.

Also check out this thread: APSystems APS ECU R local inverters data pull

Hi, where I can find this image for my home assistant ?
I have ecu-c and I use GitHub - ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur: Home Assistant custom component for local querying of APSystems ECU-R Solar System

Can someone tell me how can I get consumed and imported/exported data in homeassisant please.
Is it possible ?

If you refer to energy consumption and you have a smart meter, you can start reading the consumed (and returned) energy via the P1 port. Once you have that and you have an APsystems ECU you can use the link mentioned above to install the integration. The preferred choice is to do this via HACS.