Aqara cube t1 pro

No support yet in Deconz, but you can add some files and it should work. According to somebody in the facebook group. Yet, he didn’t provied the url to those files and instructions. Anybody here who knows how I can support for the t1 pro aqara cube while waiing for Deconz to update? Thanks in advance. Found some github, but that’s ZHA or zigbeetomqtt, I only run Zigbee (Deconz and a Conbee II stick).

I am also waiting for it. Are there any blueprints we can use? I am new here, so all helps will be appreciated! Thank you

Hi, its supported from today

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Thx, but I already switched to skyconnect + zha. But this is not the reason for that to be clear. The Aqara cube is a very good remote. Glad its now also working in deconz.

Hi @Terp - is it? I am still unable to pair the new T1 Pro correctly and on Git it looks like conversations are still happening on the Deconz side?


Im running deconz version 2.21.00 (where this was added), and had no issues adding it to my cluster.

Updated yesterday and now pairing (still as a light) but HA at least picks up the actions. For blueprints with Deconz, try here: Mi Magic Cube - Deconz (45+ actions!) - #53 by mvv

how do we update?