Aqara P1 Motion Sensor

At least yours triggers. I’ve tried every fix imaginable, but mine just sits there telling me “1 Lux” and “Closed”.

I’m in the same boat at the moment with the P1 let me know if you figure it out

Hello. Sorry for the delay in commenting.
I made the change and pressed the button.
It seems that this serves to modify the time of the Motion sensor.

I have a question. Supposedly this device is only a motion and luminosity sensor. But we have a property called “occupation.” Does it mean that this device is also a presence sensor?

I ask this because I have had a conversation with another colleague and he assured me and swore that the p1 is not a presence sensor.

Who is right?


Hello All

My P1 seems to report Motion and stays on until there is some activity. Is there a way to ping the sensor so it thinks there is an activity and then it returns to normal?

Not sure about the P1 (don’t have one), but older Aqara sensors have always had the property. On those It is the same as motion, but with an approximate 10 minute time out. It is not presence like an mmwave can provide, they are just assuming no motion in a 10 minute window means unoccupied.

My wild a** guess is it was implemented to simplify the Aqara application automations.

That makes sense. In other words, it is a motion sensor with a “time of 10 minutes”.

I currently have an automation with the “occupancy” property. It keeps the light on in my office while it detects that I’m there. It works fine, but sometimes I just go into the office to get a paper and I have to wait 9 minutes until the lights turns off.
That or turn it off with my voice.

I wanted to modify the presence from 10 minutes to 1 or 2, but I see that there is no option. :expressionless::expressionless:

Thanks for sharing this screenshot it was helpful to see.

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So, I actually ended up here because I was trying to learn more about the P1 Motion sensor. I’ve been using several of the previous generation Aqara Motion sensors for a few years.

One of the things I quickly noticed about the motion sensors is that

the distance at which it will recognize motion depends on the perspective it has of the motion

What I mean is:
If you are standing directly in front of the motion sensor and you start walking straight toward it, you will be able to get very close before it will detect motion.

However, if the motion sensor is above you or beside you and you are not really walking toward it, but instead walking past it, then it will detect the motion much much further away. So, it matters very much where you position the motion sensor.

Perhaps if I have time I can circle back and add a visual, but just remember: If you’re walking straight, you’ll have to wait; but, walking past, it will see you fast.

I struggled with this and was using Sonoff plugs to extend the zigbee range and found that it worked only with older aqara motions sensors BUT - the P2 sensors work well when you add " Aeotec Range Extender Zi - Zigbee Network Extender - Improves Range and Stability of Zigbee Network". It covers the entire house and only needs one rather than a dozen sonoff plugs. Works great and solved by problem with connectivity of the Aqara P2 motion sensors

Bought 7 of these p1 motion so far opened 4 all have a detection range of less than 1m some even 0.5m. Returning them back to amazon complete garbage.

I have 7 of the P1 sensors, all working fine. Detection distance is realistically around 5 meters at high sensitivity. Mine are listed as lumi.motion.ac02

It can be a bit fiddly to change the settings, but once you are aware you need to press the button on the device first, its not really a problem.

Did you ever get this to work?
I have the same issue with skyConnect

Nope, ended up going with Yolink motion sensors, which, btw is very good.

Piling on. Mine is also suffering from range issues. I’m about 2 meters max at the default 30s It is the ‘upgraded’ and manufacture date from the box was March 2023 thus a recent batch. Connected with a LQI of yellow (150s) to router device in the same room. I’m at 80% battery with it on for less than 2 months thus unlikely to see that 5 year battery. It is fast turning on the light instantly, but again the range is the conversation here.

I still have 1 more in the box which I haven’t tested yet, but the dates are the same thus I assume it’s the same batch thus experience. FYI.

Thank you! I was trying everything and this solution worked.

I just got 2 of these motion sensors and have discovered the poor range issue. Has anyone worked out whether there is a solution?

Yes. Same here. I’m using Z2M and can’t seem to alter the sensetivity either.

Jumping on the bandwagon here.

My experience with the Aqara P1 Motion Sensor has been terrible. I have a simple automation to turn on the lights when there is activity and turn them off when there’s no motion for more than 2 minutes. This same logic works fine with an older SmartThings motion sensor, so I’m sure the logic is sane.

The motion sensor is in a small walk-in closet, so I’m <1m from the sensor when I enter the closet. I’m simply not getting any log entries in HA from the device whatsoever, so of course the automation isn’t triggering. I put in a smart plug in the room below the closet to see if it was a range issue, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. I may put another one upstairs in the same bedroom to see if that helps, but I have other sensors that are much further away from another Zigbee router and they don’t have any issues. I also have a second sensor that I can unbox and try …

Looks like the topology puts the signal strength at 154 for it’s connection to the router?

Same Probleme Here with 1 of my 2 sensors, which is also sitting at a window. The strange thing is: I think some days ago it worked for the whole hallway. Since yesterday just about 1-1,5m.

I face the opposite problem - I have about 6m detection range on my P1 in medium setting. I had to turn it away from my kitchen/living room so it decreases to 4m or so (otherwise it will switch on wrongly). Also no matter what I tried with pressing the button not possible to change interval time or sensitivity.

I mounted it at 2.30m. Maybe it works further if mounted high (seing the comment about approaching frontal vs sideways)

MFG date 03/2023, P1 ugraded according to the package.
I do have one problem however - it sends light in lx AFTER sending the motion detection. Also the light value updates only every 30min or so without motion detected.

So it can easily happen that if you set an activation based on lumen - it will still have an old state from when the light was on. Ideally it should always first send new lumen information before sending motion/clearing motion.

I now solved it by instead activating based on sun elevation 15° or less with sun solar elevation plugin (it’s a hallway that doesn’t have any windows).