Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee

i have sent this too. integrating this with HA would be amazing.

done so as well. hoping it leads to something

Bought one of these assuming it would work with HA, had no idea it wouldn’t. Wish I’dv’e known, I would have looked at something else.

Same, I ended up re-selling mine a few months back.

I have sent that text to Aqara feedback site and got the answer from them:


Thank you for your suggestion.

We do not support third-party software or hardware for the time being. The Aqara devices can be paired with the Aqara hubs.

When Matter is introduced in the future, it will allow more devices from different brands to communicate.

Please check our Facebook page for updates at Aqara.

Aqara Technical Support"

I have the A100 Zigbee and managed to add it to HA via Homekit Controller. I didn’t find positive information elsewhere so I’m sharing my experience here.

The integration exposes 4 entities: the lock, battery sensor, button for identification sound, and signal strength. The lock can be unlocked and locked via HA.

Homekit locks have to be connected via BLE, same for the A100 if integrating via Homekit Controller. This means that your HA Bluetooth device has to be rather close to your lock. To put the lock in Homekit binding state, you need the iOS version of the Aqara Home app to do so (this is not possible via the Android app, I had to borrow an iPhone to do it). Once the lock is put into Homekit binding state, add the lock via HA (don’t add it to Apple Home on the phone).

Unfortunately this integration doesn’t expose as much data as compared to Aqara’s own app, but I think it is decent enough.


Another chance here is to use the Aqara M2 hub, which is Matter ready with the new HA Matter integration.

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According to Aqara info on the M2 hub’s Matter update, it does not support any smart locks:

I am actually looking to see if there are integration possibilities with HA beyond what was explored above. Specifically, to see if there is a way to get out of the Aqara ecosystem actions/notifications happening, specifically

  • a specific configured person opening the lock
  • the “away button” being pressed

I would not want to control the lock from HA (for security purposes) but it would be good to use the more advanced capabilities of the lock for triggering automations. I wonder if there is any other route that anyone tried, even if clunky, like IFTT…


Thanks for all the inspiration and help on integrating the A100 into HA. In the meantime I wrote up my overall experience with installing the lock on my front door and the integration via HomeKit Controller:


Hi, tnx for your info, its really good
as far as I know from other users, if you add this lock to the Aqara hub and use the Aqara gateway integration from HACS , you can get statuses about users, but you can’t open this lock through it

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I’m planning to buy this door lock. I’ve also read the @exxamalte & @Poohwhy replies to connect it to HA. But unfortunately it will be hard for me to add bluetooth device around the house, my raspberry HA located at upstairs and the distance to the door lock will be long.

I was wondering if this is possible to connect the door lock with aqara hub (e.g. aqara E1 hub usb stick) and then use homekit controller to bring the hub to HA, I’m assuming the door lock will also be available in HA since the hub integrated to HA??

Someone commented on my blog post (linked above) saying they have connected their lock using the Aqara E1 hub and explain the configuration steps. Apparently that provides many more events, but does not allow to unlock the door lock via HA.

I’ve read the comment on your blog post. But I think they have different version (Aqara A100 Pro is the chinese version). IDK whether those would affect the ability to lock and unlock the door via HA.

Does the A100 model have a 5v emergency dc input connection ?. If so does anyone know if it can be permanently powered by a 5v dc supply ? recharge the batteries?.

The lock has a USB-C connector at the bottom of the outside part of the lock. I wouldn’t know how to hide a cable though.
And I doubt this emergency power connector would charge the batteries, because it’s literally just supposed to be used in an emergency and while your empty standard (not rechargeable) batteries are still in the lock.

Hi, would this work using esphome bt proxy?

That’s what I was wondering

In my case the lock only successfully connects to HA via a USB Bluetooth stick - it does not connect via a nearby ESPHome Bluetooth proxy, nor a nearby Shelly Plus device in bluetooth proxy mode.

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I am going to try use Aqara Relay and Shelly 2.5 or something like that to pass binary state information between HA and Aqara.

How to Disable auto lock of door and use it in office?