Are there some ESP32 variants I should avoid for lack of support? (Newbie)

I am just getting into HA and working with ESP boards and it isn’t immediately obvious how much support there is for the different variants (S3,S2,C3 etc).

I bring this up because the first device I tried to connect was an Adafruit ESP32-S2 Metro board and it wasn’t nearly as straightforward of an experience as I have seen in most tutorials for other ESP boards, in fact, I never got it sorted out to work.

Is this something I should be particularly sensitive to if I am not an expert at troubleshooting?

I’m surprised it did not work.
I have not yet found one that does not work.
But I have always bought the “standard” shaped devices.

What does not work? Have you tried pulling GPIO0 to ground while connecting?

What board definition did you use in ESPHome?

Showing the config you tried to use will help diagnose the issue. Please correctly format it for the forum.

Yes some of the newer boards are awkward to get working and/or require different libraries to work properly.

Straight esp32 is fine, once they start adding numbers/letters like s2, c3 etc it gets weird. As it says in the docs

Support for the ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3 is currently in development.

Do you think they eventually get full support in the near future or is this more likely one of those situations where the variants stay “in development” indefinitely?

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