Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

@Ionut I turned debug on (for homeassistant.components.mobile_app.webhook) and this is what my log looks like:

2020-02-02 20:21:22 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mobile_app.webhook] Received invalid webhook payload: required key not provided @ data[0]['state']. Got None
2020-02-02 20:21:22 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mobile_app.webhook] Received webhook payload for type update_sensor_states: {'attributes': {'message': 'null', 'packageName': 'com.surodev.arielapro', 'icon': 'mdi:bell'}, 'icon': 'mdi:bell', 'type': 'sensor', 'unique_id': 'mobile_app_pixel_3_ariela_notification_grabber'}

Thank you for telling me the about this. I will resolve it soon.

The experience is quite basic. You just only see some basic info about sensors / switches etc, can control switches, run scripts.

I will check, thank you for reporting.

I think it will be good enough :slight_smile: . Is there any screenshot somewhere of the app on a WearOS watch ?

Hi @ionut,
Your app looks interesting, unfortunately I can’t go very far:
select wifi
choose certificate
enter the address:
then I have a connection failure.
From the adb logs:

02-04 20:49:56.231 16863 22682 E HA_HAServerConnectionTe: HAServerConnectionTester  exception while reaching the address = . Error =java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

Phone: Huawei Mate 20 Android 9.

Any idea ?

Hi @flebourse
Here is something that i could find over internet about the error you mentioned:

Please let me know if works.

Hi @ionut,
Thank you for your quick answer, I was aware of this post + a few others btw.
I have imported the ca (a .crt in DER encoding) in the android repository and chrome is happy with it so the issue must be a little more subtle.
Retrying without the certificate path doesn’t help either.
Have you a way to use the one already present in the CA store ?

Can you tell me exactly how you imported the certificate in Android?

Transfer via BT, choose in a file explorer then select “Import certificate”.

Debugging a little more: chrome throws the same integer cast exception but continues anyway and the relevant page is displayed.

Have you had a chance to look into this yet? Anything you need from me for testing/reproduction?

From what i see its a issue that its found on all apps that uses mobile app. I am still investigating.

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would it be possible to add an audio effect like a doorbell to ariela’s tts service? To be clear what already exists in Lannouncer …

another request … would it be possible to integrate a timer on the device tracker to deactivate it for example during the night or while working and thus saving the battery?

I wasted a few hours trying to get HA discovery of the Aeriel MQTT sensors. The problem turned out to be that I’d used an apostrophe in Settings -> Common -> Device Name (I used “Kent’s_Phone”). I finally found in HA docs about MQTT discovery that legal characters for id are alphanumerics, underscore and hyphen. I changed the name to “Kents_Phone” and the sensors appeared.

To save other dummies, please consider a change to state the legal characters on the Settings -> Common -> Device Name dialog.

And thank you for this work. I like it better than the default HA android client.


Sure :smiley:

You mean the location setting from phone?

Indeed ’ character is not allowed in the name. Was that name generated by Ariela in the first place?

since activating the device tracker causes battery consumption I thought if it was possible for Ariela not to request and send GPS data during specific times of the day and week. Example:
do not activate the device tracker on ariela from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 17, and every day from 24 to 7

Let me see what i can do about that. Maybe i could do also a setting that when the home wifi is detected no GPS location requests are made.

It would be perfect!

I can’t install the app on my watch from the store. Is it really compatible ? Should I sideload it or a light version of the app ?

yes, because I had previously entered that name (with apostrophe) in the Android settings when I first got the phone.