Ask google to know where person x is and show location

Nobody doing this?

Hi @skank

I don’t know if you still need help on this topic. Just to let you know, I have manage to do this just using HA and Google Home.

In My case I can ask Google where is “Person X”
Then Google will reply to me saying:
1/ Person X is at (a location that I have predefined by zones or else if he/she is out of a zone then say “away”)
2/ Will popup a Map showing the location of Person X (I can zoom in and check)

I Will put the full process here in few days, If you are still interested just let me know.


Hi Phil406, yeah sure ! Still looking for this :slight_smile:

Ok Great @skank I will then put the code and how to do it step by step. In the comming days I will try to do a video. But to night (in France) I will tell you how to do it.

Thanks for the reply

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Nice thank you very muchh ! Looking forward to!

Sure I’m trying to do it to make the process easy to understand. I Hope you already have the connection between Google and HA. You need “Google Cast” integration and Nabu Case (HA cloud) or equivalent with DuckDNS ?

Yes i have all running :wink:

Great so it will be easy for you.

Still doing it (I mean the explaination’s document) and at the same time I’m also doing some checks to be sure that everything is working properly. I also have added a little sequence with an (if, then, else). So just now finished checking it to make sure that we don’t have bugs in the program. Now when the Person X is not in a marked zone, google will reply: “Person X is out of all located zones, but in few seconds I will pop up a map showing the exact location”.

Not bad hein… :wink:


Hi @skank

Just now I have finished typing my document. I have written it to be understandable by any user, even a beginner, so, if you feel that some steps are very easy, feel free to jump some paragraphs. I’ve just written it thinking that more people can be interest about this program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to put them here. Also let me know once everything is working at your end, I will be happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Here is the link to download the full PDF file.

Enjoy it

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Just click upload ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Superb! Many thanks !
Been wanting this for ages…

Theres another thing i would like for ages too, perhaps you’ve done it already or feel like it too?
Actionable notifications for google…
I’ve seen a video but its for alexa

Yes I have just started working on actionable notifications and trying to find a way to link with google. It might take a little time but I’ll do my best. At the same time I’m working on an update to my previous program (that you have already). So let’s see what’s going to be quicker and coming first :grinning:

Oh that would be cool

What update are you doing to the current one?
The thing i asked myself was… what if i have multiple google home’s to ask where person x is
How will it know how to send to the correct one?
For now it only works with 1 right

I finiished your excellent how to.
Thanks for it!
I’m not running through nabu casa…
Everything works except for the cast.show_lovelace_view
When my google home tries to cast it, i get a nabu casa is not connected warning
Although i set up an external url, which points me to my home assistant login page

Any idea?

Search for it.
There is a way to do it by adding white noise to the routine in Google Home and in Home Assistant look for which device is playing that noise.

Hi @skank
This is one of the items in my to do list for the next updates (I mean to identify which Google device is sending the message). For now I also found some information about what @Hellis81 said but didn’t have time to test them. The main issue is, google is not sending the device id when we talk to it, so we have to find an alternative way to do this. This is also linked with “Actionable Notifications”. I think Alexa is sending the device id, so it should be more easy. Anyway for now I will leave Alexa and try to finish with Google. Alexa will be done in future.

Other items of my updates could be, to have a little more simple way to communicate between Google and HA (just using Automations and avoid the Script).

Let’s keep in touch.

Edit of my message:
Again I forgot to tell. I found a way to get this on multiple Googles but I’m trying to find other possibilities as well.

Here is the way. If you are familiar with my PDF you will understand this easily. Lets say you have 2 Googles. One in the kitchen and one in the office. You just have to create 2 scripts.

Script 1: Where is person X - office
Script 2: Where is perdon X - kitchen

Now in the same way you have to double the automations. Just you have to add in each automation the correct media player.

Now go back to google and create 2 automations based on the voice.

The first will be: Where is person X kitchen
The second: Where is person X office.

Now Once you add at the end kitchen or office, Google will just point to the right script and HA will do the rest of the job. So you will get the message and the map cast on the device you are talking with.


Hi again @skank

Well the first thing to do is to go by a process of elimination. Keep the Person x locating automation in a side and just try to find a way to cast at least one view of your lovelace to one of your Google screen’s. This is how I have done when I was creating my program, each element was first tested separatly and then integrated to a small automation and once I knew that it was ok, I have added it to the main program.

For now I’m just using the trial version of Nabu Casa because when I tried with DuckDNS I had some issue to connect with Google. As I have been using HA for less than 1 month now, I wanted to not loose time with the free process. May be after I will also come back with a free solution. Right now I prefer to discover as much as possible what HA can do (even if I have to pay a little). Trust me this is a powerful tool and I love HA :grinning:.

Keep me informed anyway and if I find additional info about this I’ll post here. From your side also, check what you can find over the internet on “How to cast Lovelace using duckdns”… etc

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Oh yeah I forgot, you are very welcome, it was a pleasure to share the program with you because I have been looking to do the same but I was unable to find someone else who did this. That’s why I though about creating my own program. I’ve first tried with Nodred and got some good results but I first wanted to do it just using HA. May be in future I will go back to Nod to make even more things. Anyway I’ll try to keep your informed and share here with details each time I have major changes (updates).

Superb! Thx!
Yeah i’m looking for a fix to try to cast any tab/dashboard to google using the homecast with duckdns.
But it seems there are a lot of problems with it.
Maybe a way to go is using catt… that one has more options too; i’m still looking to find a way, as soon as i got it, i keep you posted !