Assistant Relay Alternative

I believe this is from not pushing the app to production and the test user expires in 7 days.

I did make a new setup using this method on 24th August and till now works for me

Any idea what to do with this?


Is yours still stable/going strong?

My add-on seems to need occasional reinstall/onboarding…

Needs more monitoring though…

Mine works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found a quite simple solution to this problem.
Recently, Google introduced “Device Triggers” for its Google Home Routines. It’s possible now to trigger routines e.g. when a certain device is turned on.
Using the standard Google Home Integration (Google Assistant - Home Assistant) it’s possible to expose a Home Assistant helper as device to Google Home.
Everything that is needed then is a Google Home routine triggered by that helper.
Like that:

Now it’s possible in Home Assistant to just turn that Helper toggle on which then results in Google Home starting the routine.
Works pretty good so far.


@brintal Great, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Now I suppose I can broadcast a message directly and don’t need a script to resume music.

However, I’ve spend too much time to configure the resume and everything in the hacky way, with Cast, etc. that I don’t want to change it again. At least I’ve made a custom video and cast it when phone ring, that looks quite good and it loads almost instantly.

Now they should users to load custom URLs in browser on Nest Hub, as you can only load domain name page, frontpage, right now.

Hello @brintal!

Your solution is working for me. My original goal with Assistant Relay was to control my HaoDeng bluetooth smart lights which could not be added to Home Assistant in any way… HaoDeng is already integrated into Google Home therefore I had to find a way to tell Google Home to open/shut those lights from Home Assistant. Your solution is working flawlessly. I wish it could be faster, but still, it’s working! Thank you!

@donparlor @brintal

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to use the Helper toggle as the trigger device for google assistant but I’m unable to get it to show up in the google assistant trigger devices.

Is there anything additional I need to be doing other than just building the helper? I can see my light groups within Google Assistant so I believe the integration is working properly.

Hello @Illmanism, as @brintal said, you need Google Assistant integration properly setup:

You can follow this tutorial from Lewis: Google Home with Home Assistant Local for FREE Without Subscription - YouTube

Once it is done, you can specify which entity you want to expose. As you can see in my configuration.yaml file below, I expose my whole covers domain + specifics helpers:

Thanks @donparlor

I followed the set up and everything works perfectly now.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Same thoughts, works great but the only downside is it is a little slow. Google can take 10-20 seconds to update the state of the entity so routines are triggered with a large delay.

Have you found any solution to getting the HA entity state updated quicker in google?

I wish there was a solution, but I guess we must keep an eye for future developments. Smart home items that cannot be integrated in Home Assistant might someday be available through Matter retroactively with companies adopting the standard? :man_shrugging: I know it’s not so fast yet, but at least you can interact with those devices now through HA dashboard and automations…


thank you for posting this approach to controlling GH devices from Home Assistant.

I recently had permanent led Christmas lights ( installed on our house and I have been frustrated that I could not integrate them with HA. They integrate with Google Home and I used this helper trick to connect them to my Home assistant environment.

I did have to create 4 separate routines to get it working:

GH light turn on → HA helper turn on
GH light turn off → HA helper turn off
HA helper turn on → GH light turn on
HA helper turn off → GH light turn off

This gives me bi-directional control and a current status of the light switch in HA.
My response time is virtually instant, hopefully it is reliable.

Thanks again

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Wow! Great idea @wflammenspeck to add bi-directional control/status. I will certainly do it so that if anyone use either GH or HaoDeng to control the lights, HA will still know the current state of the lights. Your contribution is much appreciated!


It look like the next HA version will have a integration for this


Hi, can you please share us your code how you did this?

There isn’t really any code to share. I created a helper toggle in Home assistant which is made available as a switch in google home.

I created a routine in google home using this switch as a starter to turn on the lights.
Then I created another routine where in Lights are the starter and the helper is set accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Ohhhh… This looks like a new native alternative?

This integration allows:

  • Sending text commands to Google Assistant to control devices supported by Google Assistant but not by Home Assistant. Examples:
    • Set Nest Guard to home and guarding
    • Start vacuuming
    • Stream front door on living room TV
    • Turn off kitchen TV
    • Play rain sounds on bedroom speaker
  • Broadcast messages to Google Assistant speakers and displays without interrupting music/video playback. Examples:
    • Coffee is ready
    • Someone is at the front door
    • Smoke detected in the master bedroom
    • Water leak detected in the master bathroom

I got the Assistant SDK set up and it working great.

I hope in the future it will be possible to do something with the response from google.
The response is there in the log, if we could access it via the integration it would allow us to ask devices what their state is.