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I like this approach as well. I understand the benefits of an actual computer but at this point I don’t want to worry about maintaining a pc anymore. I just want to plug the thing in and have it work. I’ll transition from my pi to the tinkerboard at some point here.

Are any other tinkerboard users seeing lockups usually about a week into operation? I’ve had mine up and running for about 3 weeks and it seems that about every 7 days or so it becomes unresponsive and I have to pull the power. It reboots fine, thanks to emmc.

I can see there is a recent firmware update or similar available on the Asus website but I’m not sure if this can be applied without using their own OS, or if it’s relevant if you’re using another OS.

Temperatures on my tinkerboard are stable at 50 - 55 degrees constantly, I’m using the included heatsink with an open air aluminum case. No temperature or CPU spikes occur before the lockups.

I’m currently on 0.91.3

Any ideas? Anyone seeing similar?

I had unexplained lockups happening weeks ago, at the same frequency you mentioned. I would slowly lose access to SSH and my SAMBA shares, until eventually I had no way to connect to my HA instance. I was using the Duckdns/Let’s Encrypt addon to update my IP address at the time, and read somewhere on the forum that it could cause issues. I removed that add-on and haven’t had any issues so far (at least three weeks).

I don’t think this is exactly my issue, I’m running the same addons as my old VirtualBox install (Caddy Proxy, Configurator, Samba Share, TasmoAdmin, Mosquitto Broker) and I never had lockup issues there, it could be running for a month or two at a time.

What kind of CPU temperatures are you seeing in day to day use? This tinkerboard is definitely running hotter than my old pi so I’m wondering if long term high temperatures are killing it. I generally see temperatures of about 55 degrees, no more than 60 degrees on occasion.I’m running hassio off the eMMC and the power supply is rated for the tinkerboard.

My CPU temp hovers around 50-52C with an aluminum case I have, which is a little higher than normal because the device is stuck in a poorly ventilated space. Those temperatures shouldn’t be causing problems, but I’m not an expert.

Mine is between 58 to 60° and runs fine. Hope it will pass the summer!

Happened again this morning after only 4 days.

I wonder if it could be the power supply, although it seems to be well capable and high quality.

Unfortunately I’m having to go back to running HASSIO on virtualbox on the main server. I’ll run the tinkerboard as a media player for a while and see if the same lockups occur. Then I can try a new power supply perhaps.

I’m using this NorthPada 3A power supply for the Tinkerboard S. It’s been running without issue for the past month.I also have it hooked up to a cheap UPS. Just make sure your power supply is 3A and is a true power supply, not charger.

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Ok so as is usually the case with Home Assistant, I thought one thing (the tinkerboard) was the issue but I now believe it was actually an issue with MQTT on my two dafang-firmware security cameras. They use MQTT in an odd way that spams the network with lots of messages and it seems to have been swamping the MQTT broker / HASSIO, leading eventually to disconnections and the whole thing locking up. I lucked upon an MQTT broker disconnection message when I had the log open and hassio happened to lock up.

I only discovered this after moving everything back over to the VM and finding that the issue still occurred. I started removing devices one by one and noticed that CPU usage on the VM decreased substantially when the cameras were disconnected, eventually narrowing it down to the MQTT service on the cameras.

I am now back on HASSIO on the tinkerboard and with MQTT disabled on the two dafang cameras. My CPU usage is at about 5% rather than the 20% or so I was seeing before. So temperatures are lower too, which will help. Fingers crossed I don’t see any more random HASSIO deaths.

I think if my family had actual visibility of the hours I’ve been putting into this Home Assistant project recently they would lock me up.

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nice. at least you found the cause of the issue!

I wrote here
So for some convenience It’s needed to have a port for the GPIO library, but I can’t figure out the way to add the TB library to the HA.