Atlas Scientific EZO sensor

I have developed a custom sensor for EZO circuits.

It works with serial connection (to gpio uart or to usb uart device).

Kind of circuit (pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxigen or Condutivity) are automatically discovered, and created with proper name sensor (i.e. ‘ezo_ph’)

The code is included in a bigger wip project about pool automation with a rpi and HA, that can be found at:

Instructions: just copy custom_component folder inside your config HA and create the sensor with:

  - platform: atlas_scientific
    port: /dev/ttyAMA0
#   port: /dev/ttyUSB0
    scan_interval: 300

I have released a Swimmig Pool Automation System based on raspberry pi + HA

It contains an updated version of theese custom component.

Next todo could be an “offset” parameter and service to callibrate sensors.


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Having an issue with EC Sensor, connected via USB EZO.

Have commented on github, etc. Hope something notifies you somewhere soon.,

I have my EZO EC sensor circuit running off ESPHome using platform: ezo…

The PPM reading drifts as the temp of the reservoir changes.
Is this issue addressed in your custom component?

Here’s what I’m using currently:

  - platform: ezo
    id: ec1_ezo
    name: "EC"
    address: 97
    accuracy_decimals: 2
    unit_of_measurement: "EC"