Aussie z-wave

G’day mate.
any aussies running z-wave installs? I was looking into the USB quick connect stick with zigbee and z-wave but haven’t found any aussie sellers yet. Just wondering if you are using z-wave what are you using and where in down under did you get it?

struth, that was a fair whack of typing! might go crack a beer.

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I’m located in Melbourne and have setup a Aeotec Z Stick and Remotec ZX120 IR Blaster to control my reverse cycle a/c unit.

Installation and setup were a breeze and all works fine so far. Only issue is getting the ZX120 to read the air temp at regular intervals, not just when being sent commands. Planning to get an Aeotec MultiSensor 6 as well soon so it can be the means to report current temp for me so I can then trigger automations based on that. also want to get a minimote to allow family to do things without having to use the UI

I’ve gotten my gear from SmartHome in Sydney. It’s all online ordering, no showroom. but if you know what you want they’re really quick and helpful.


thanks champ

I’ve got only Aeotec devices so far - Z-Stick, 2 multisensors 6, one recessed door sensor and one smart switch. Just bought a couple of nano switches and dimmers, and am waiting for the electrician to hook them up.
All working very well, once the parameters are fine tuned like report intervals for example.
I’m located in Sydney, but ordered from various online shops only -, DIY home automation, Smarthome and Capital Smarthome. As they basically all sell around the recommended retail price, I just look for smaller discounts they offer from time to time.
Z-Wave is expensive but just works out-of-the-box.

The only Zigbee devices I use are Philips Hue lamps, and stick with their own bridge for now.

For custom built devices I just discovered ESP8266 and the Homie framework. These devices are Wifi-based, and the parts are coming from Asia.

Is anyone using zigbee to connect to the smart meters in Aust?
They talk about HAN devices, ideally I’d be able to integrate this into HASS.

It sounds as if it depends on the type of smart meters you got - the ones rolled out in Victoria seem to support ZigBee, but the one I got here in NSW does not support ZigBee.
As part of my solar system installation I got an Enphase Envoy-S that has a simple webserver built in that provides electricity production and consumption data in JSON format. That was not too difficult to integrate into HA.

I’m in Victoria so it’s Zigbee. Not sure if I need to buy a gateway type device or if there’s a zigbee usb plug & some software I can run on my linux machine that will do this that’s already integrated into HA.

Hijacking this thread to see if anyone in Melbourne is interested in a meetup?

I’ve created a meetup group, please join if your interested, and we can set up a pub session to chat about projects!

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