Auto-update Home Assistant

This is a good idea. I will take a look.

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Please let me know if you find any issue.

I can confirm that it works perfectly. It even works with 2 updates, a OS and Core. It did the Core the first day and the OS the next day.

Only think missing, and I know this is not a option, HACS updates:-)

Thanks for a super blueprint.


I’m on holidays now, but will take a look on HACS when I’m back home. I’m also missing this.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello @EdwardTFN, first of all thank you for awesome blueprint!

I found issue in exclusions which is getting me mad. I have “Home Assistant Operating System Update” entity in exclusions but OS is getting updated anyways. Can you please take a look at exlusions if they are working as intended?

Updating “Home Assistant Operating System Update” and then restarting OS sometimes hangs whole KVM machine and I need to Stop then Start VM again manually… :confused:

Mmmmm, I will have to take a look at this.
I will be back from vacations on Monday and will see if I can invest some time investigating the exclusions. I also wanna see if I can use the new ‘Repair’ dashboard to prevent updates if an alert is detected.

I come back here.

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I was investigating and looks like updates still an “Experimental feature” in HACS.

In fact, if you enable HACS to use the experimental features the Blueprint as it is should handle the updates automatically.

I think I will wait a little. I have quite a lot of HACS integrations, and the rest of the family will not be happy if they experiment to much:-)

Your blueprint works perfectly.

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I couldn’t duplicate this issue with exclusions yet, but I will investigate it with the coming updates. If that happens to you again, could you please share the content of “variables” from your logbook? Please remove any sensitive info, I’m just interested on the variables related to exclusions to understand how it is.

It would also be nice if you have any error message on your logs.

Hi, I’ve been using automation for about a month and noticed that there are no backups before updating. The full backup option is enabled.

Mmmm… failing backup is not good. Let’s pay some attention to this. It is working flawlessly to me, so let’s investigate why this isn’t working for you.

Have you looked at your logs for error messages related to the backup?

The blueprint uses the hassio.backup_full service with compression enabled. You can try to trigger this service manually on Developer’s tools / Services and then take a look at your logs for errors. That will help me to figure out what to change in the blueprint (if any change is needed).




There are no backup errors in the log. When I start this service manually or start an update manually, the backup succeeds. When automation is running, the update succeeds, but the backup is not created.


Could you please take a look at your Logbook at the time the blueprint last updated something and copy the content of the “variables” field? Please remove any sensitive data, I’m only interested on the value of input_backup_bool.

Best regards,


Unfortunately, in my HA, the automation and update domains are excluded from the record. Turned on, I’ll watch.

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Updated VSCode tonight. There is still no backup.

Auto-update Variables: input_backup_bool: True, input_schedule_isoweekdays: [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’], input_schedule_monthday: 1, input_update_exclusions: False, input_update_exclusions_processed: [ ] input_notifications_dest: , input_notifications_dest_processed: автоматизацией Home Assistant Auto-update запускается по времени

Updated HA tonight. There is still no backup.

The script is set to avoid backup, if you have a normal backup done within the last 2 hours? I do not use the “auto-update backup feature”. I have Samba backup, and it runs before the update.

That’s right. If you have another backup in the past 2 hours, it will skip the backup regardless the selected option for backup.

I really have a backup VM running at 2:00 in Proxmox in which HA is running as a VM. But how can HA know about it? :slight_smile: There are no backups in HA itself and there are no entries in the HA log about this. You should try disabling backup in Proxmox :wink:

Nope. Keep your backup as it is… I will add a bit more log and then we find out what is happening. Give me a bit more time, please.