Automate smart plug with temp sensor

yes i have restarted the core and servers. but still does not show up.

Where are you looking for it?

Does not show up where? Confirm it is listed in Developer Tools > States. If it’s not there then it was never created. If it is there then it can be added to your dashboard.

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Good catch, @123.

does not show up there… don’t understand how to make it appear. I have been backtracking my steps past hours now but no luck… sure it is some quick solution to this, I just cant figure it out.

Check the log for errors.

Could you share your YAML again? Maybe the community can find something there.

 - platform: generic_thermostat
   name: Fryser
   heater: switch.lumi_lumi_plug_maeu01_on_off
   target_sensor: sensor.lumi_lumi_weather_temperature
   min_temp: 2
   max_temp: 4
   ac_mode: true
   target_temp: 4
   cold_tolerance: 0.3
   hot_tolerance: 0

so this is my yaml, but the problem lies in that the generic thermostat does not show up…

I’ve copied/paste your YAML and renamed the sensors and it worked for me:

Are you sure you don’t have a typo in the sensors names or your YAML is in the right place at configuration.yaml?
Do you have any related error on your log?
Have you restarted HA?

By the way, when copying your YAML I had to fix the indentation as it was messing 1 space on the beginning of each line.

Thanks! :pray: I will try When i get home!

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