Automation (action: repeat) stopped "because an error was encountered" (HTTP 503)

Hi everyone,

is there a way to keep an automation in repeat after HTTP 503?

This is the automation for my front-door-lock (Nuki v2.0 with bridge). From time to time the bridge just responding HTTP 503 and the automation (and repeat) stopps “because an error was encountered”. But of course I want it to stay in repeat to unlock the front-door…

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You should not need a repeat action to unlock a door. Post your automation. Make sure to format it for the forum correctly.

As of recently, you can “ignore” errors in automation actions:

I’d still like to see the automation to make sure it can’t be state driven. Particularly as there have been a few people creating infinite loops that lead to memory leak issues recently.

Sure, but probably difficult to be event driven if the target device doesn’t work properly.
Rather than workaround the problem with loops, best approach would definitely to fix those 503 somehow.

Maybe some firmware upgrade?
Is the OP using the local access to the bridge using the integration?

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Funny coincidence…