Automation fires 1 hour after the specified time

Can somebody explain why the time triggers fire 1 hour after from the specified time? The automation working on time more than a year without any issues. I have delete the automation and build it from scratch - same problem. The system report correct the time and time zone

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If it helps, I would guess it has something to do with daylight saving time - especially if it occured only lately (as the DST changed).
Unfortunately no idea where to check and how to deal with it.

Yes the problem start after the DST change and I can’t figure where to check in order to correct it.
Both system time and zone are correct and report the time as should be and also the Home Assistant configuration have the correct settings when I run
“{{ utcnow().tzinfo }}
{{ now().tzinfo }}
{{ now().astimezone().tzinfo }}”

I get


Which show that the setting is set correct to Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)

Do you also get the right time if you print {{ now() }}?

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Yes it is correct

2021-04-11 13:51:46.561384+03:00

What system are you running your HA on and which HA installation (OS, Supervised, docker,…)? Maybe we can try debugging through system…

Do you have time and date sensors installed ?
What do you get in the ‘Developer Tools’ - ‘Template’ editor with : -

{{ states('sensor.time') }}

Edit: Sorry @septillion said almost the same thing

I know you’ve said the timezone is correct but there are two places this can be set
The first at operating system level
The second at HA level
Have you checked both ?

What is your OS ? (Some OS’s allow you to turn off DST)
What is your Hardware ? (I think some BIOS’s (also) allow turning off DST)
What is your installation method ?

Both OS and HA have the correct time zone and time. The exact same config was working over a year without any problem

Windows 10 Pro
VM Workstation 16.1
and the HA was installed and maintained from the Virtual machine image located in the installation page of HA. Windows - Home Assistant

Please find the results

{{ utcnow().tzinfo }}
{{ now().tzinfo }}
{{ now().astimezone().tzinfo }}
{{ now() }}
{{ states(‘sensor.time’) }}

2021-04-11 19:05:30.858090+03:00

Which is why we are trying to find what could be wrong
When you say ‘config’ do you mean HA config ? (i.e. has anything else changed ? )

I assume (as you didn’t say anything to the contrary) that you are happy with the results of the print statements ? and they are correct ?

Edit: Just checking that you set your ‘home’ location via ‘Configuration’ - ‘General’ ?

So all that remains is for you to post an example of one of the automations that are triggering an hour off (the simpler the better)
Don’t post pictures, pictures take up a lot of room on the forum and make it impossible for people to diagnose. Be careful how you post code - I copied your test prints and got an error (the usuall prettyfying of the quotes issue) - Use the </> button and paste into that.
It should be like the code I posted

Sorry I didn;t know for the </>

This is the code that I put at the developer tools in order to check

{{ utcnow().tzinfo }}
{{ now().tzinfo }}
{{ now().astimezone().tzinfo }}
{{ now() }}
{{ states('sensor.time') }}

When I say config I meant the same hardware/installation/automation
The only change is the updates from Home Assistant and the DST time change.

The reason that I post the pictures was because at the first you can see the problem since it is mention when it is executed instead of the correct trigger time and in the second it clear the platform time.

This is the automation that it is not start at the correct time

alias: 'Boiler: New Winter 3 times (6:30 14:30 20:30)'
description: ''
  - platform: time
    at: '06:30'
  - platform: time
    at: '14:30'
  - platform: time
    at: '20:30'
condition: []
  - service: script.turn_off
      entity_id: script.boiler_on_off_with_2h30_delay
  - service: script.turn_on
      entity_id: script.boiler_on_off_with_2h30_delay
mode: single

Also the time trigger which should run at 14:30 was Executed: April 11, 2021, 2:45:35 PM

I saw you typing so I waited
Can you please read the sticky at the top of the forum : -

Point 11 is the issue above

Another point (that should be there but isn’t) is how the forum software works.
You are the thread owner, thus you get notified of any changes to it.
I am merely a participent (I do not get notified)
You have to reply ‘to me’ if you want me to be notified (or anyone else for that matter)
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This is not an hour off, it’s 15mins 35seconds off
This sounds more like a propagation delay than a problem with your DST/location settings
This has misled everybody trying to help you so far.
BTW you didn;t answer the question : -

But it’s also in a script so you have hidden what you did that you expect to cause the switch to operate (maybe there’s a delay or you are using indirect addressing ? )
Show the script too.
But I don’t think that’s needed now

Reasons for propagation delays are very rarely HA’s fault
What is the switch ?
If it’a Zigbee or Z-wave device it could be that it’s in a very weak signal area or that you used to have an intemediary device which extended the network (but that device has been moved or is no longer working)
Is it a stored message via MQTT ???
If it’s (say) Tuya, ESPHome, Sonoff etc. the issues may be pretty much the same as above but it could be that somebody knocked your WiFi antenna or have you (or even a neighbour) a new microwave or other interference on/around 2.4GHz ???
i.e. has something you think ‘unrelated’ changed ?

@septillion , @AdmiralStipe For info :roll_eyes:

Hang on, do you mean you are running HA on MS Windows ?
Windows has massive memory management issues (why it has to be rebooted periodically for the memory leaks)
It also restarts on a whim to install updates or maybe because it just wants to - So is not optimal for running any Home automation system