Automation not running from state trigger

I have a L1 lock, when we shut the door we pull the handle up to secure the door, and it automatically locks, in Smartthings, I was able to say, if mode is day and lock is locked, then unlock.

I have set up a dropdown helper to select between Day and Night mode, and have set that as my trigger, the automation run beautifully if I click the run automation link, but not automatically.

my code is …

alias: Unlock Doors in Day
description: ""
  - type: not_opened
    platform: device
    device_id: 357e301dda06a6d9003bedbb331ed9c6
    entity_id: binary_sensor.conexis_l1_the_current_status_of_the_door
    domain: binary_sensor
  - condition: state
    entity_id: input_select.house_mode
    attribute: options
    state: day
  - device_id: 357e301dda06a6d9003bedbb331ed9c6
    domain: lock
    entity_id: lock.conexis_l1
    type: unlock
mode: single

Any pointers would be amazing as I have been playing with this all day trying different things.

Thank you

Remove the following line from the State Condition.

    attribute: options

Genius, brilliant thank you… Can I ask why that worked?

With that line in place, you made the State Condition check if the value of the options attribute of input_select.house_mode is day. However, the options attribute contains a list of all possible values for input_select.house_mode, not its current state value. By removing that line, you made the State Condition check if the input_select’s state value is day.

Thank you, that’s a great help.

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You’re welcome!

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