Automation Template Trigger Not Triggering

Hey all,

Been running HAOS on a Raspberry Pi for about 3 weeks, starting to get the hang of things but having trouble with this template trigger:

So when I manually run the automation the actions all complete, no errors there. But I cannot get the automation to actually trigger.

I’ve evaluated the template in the dev tools and it comes back as true:

I’ve forced a change of state using dev tools as well to ensure the template updates and triggers the automation but I get nothing.

Can anybody see what i’m missing here? Why can’t I get this automation to trigger?

Thanks in advance!

Has the current temp gone above the threshold?

The automation only triggers when the template changes from false to true. i.e. current temp goes from above threshold to below.

Also please don’t post pictures of text. Post the config properly formatted for the forum.

I could have shown you how to create a trigger that will probably do what you want (trigger whenever the temp changes below the threshold) but I can’t copy and paste and edit a picture and I’m not typing all that out.

This… explains a lot :sweat_smile:

Thank you!