Automation via conditions without a trigger

Can automation work with multiple conditions are met, instead of using a trigger then conditions?

You can assign multiple triggers with matching conditions or use templating to create a trigger that requires multiple conditional statements to be true, but there is no such thing a an automation without a trigger in HA.

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^^ What they say! :slight_smile:

Or if everything else fails, you can always use a time trigger and let that run every X minutes or seconds. But I would strongly suggest, to not use this possibility.

I can’t get a automation to work correctly. I’m trying to set with a switch is off is the trigger, the condition is if the door is locked for 2 hours to turn off AC. If someone opens the door and locks it, because the switch wasn’t toggled the automation never fires. I was hoping HA can look at the switch being off and the door locked for 2 hours as conditions and execute the automation.

Post what you have, and explain what parts are working and what parts are not working the way you want.

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If no one unlocks the door, the automation works fine. If someone unlocks the door the automation breaks. It seems like it needs the trigger again, but the trigger is already off, only thing that will be meet again is the door being locked for two hours.

You should post the code from the automation and ideally some logs / traces. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will redo the automation. I think I will change the trigger to door lock and the condition to switch is off. Let see how that works.

Unless you post your automation, nobody knows exactly what you are doing right or wrong.

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