Automations not working - 24 hour

Hey all, over the last month i have had a heck of a time getting most of my automations to work. I don’t have many as I am relatively new, however the automations I do have seem to be working only intermittently. Ironically, they seem to work during the day but then as it gets later they don’t. I thought something must be affecting time or location. With that said, I can not figure out what. I think it might be something in Node-RED as it looks like its only those automations that are affected. I am attaching a screenshot which shows automations are triggering but nothing happens.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Please read the sticky at the top of the forum
"I have no idea why this is happening"
Is not a good title for any thread
It needs to attract the right attention from people who know something about the topic

Thanks for the tip. New here and I really don’t have a clue. Again, thanks.

So ?
It’s your thread, you can change the title.
Just click on it and change it to give us an idea what your issue is about.

OK. I didn’t realize I could do that.

You are also double posting this

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Read it please.

Please don’t post your question multiple times - I’ll close this one for you now :wink: