Autostart new install

Hey everyone,
Stupid question but I have only ever used all in one installer and just had to do a fresh install with the Virtual one and am struggling with the Auto start part…

Can anyone explain step by step where to add the text to autostart please…

Did you work through this already?

I’m a total Linux noob, but it worked fine for me.

I did, just no idea where I paste that text… Thanks


Create a text file named:
[email protected][your user].service

And have the lines in the docs in there
(The “your user” part should be homeassistant if that’s the username you created when setting up the virtualenv)
also make sure you follow the “next steps” section of the docs after you do that

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Thanks for the help, when I try and create the file I get permission denied… My home assistant is installed now in /home/pi/homeassistant…

I am no Linux expert so someone may want to correct me but I would use terminal and do it as root… I use gedit myself so I would use sudo gedit /etc/systemd/system/[email protected][your user].service
You could also use gksu gedit to Open the editor first then create the file

I’ll give that a go… Thanks again

Hi @Shayne_Bergan - did @Bartem’s hints get you on the right track?

Hey sorry for not updating, Tried and tried but I had permission errors all over the place, After a few failed install attempts I ended up installing Hassio, so far so good. Thanks for the help lads

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