Autostart using systemd

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Did you put hashtag in front like iI did?

Hashtag “commenting out” help me with reboot

What triggered my problem with HA not starting up after reboot is Ubuntu apt upgrade/update

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Same problem after Raspbian update (PI 3). In hassio-supervisor service container don’t start with key --attach (in file /usr/sbin/hassio-supervisor last line with docker start --attach hassio_supervisor).
Docker version 20.10.4
Downgrading docker-ce to 19.03.15 did not help.
Everything worked on docker version 20.10.4 after reinstalling the Home Assistant Supervised:

Thanks for pointing that out - iPhone doesn’t make up for me not wearing my glasses!
I’ll give that a try.

After trying it - No joy. I tried it a second time after re-running the installer as well

Thanks all for the help.

I tried commenting the line and no joy. I tried re-running the install script no luck. Re-commented the line and no luck. Finally read the log file and found a complaint regarding HACS having an invalid token. I tried removing and reloading HACS and get the ever helpful “unknown error” when re-installing.

I’ve made too many mistakes trying changes and doing things to the system and now doubt that I can ever trust it again. At this point I am still open for ideas but as soon as I get time I guess I will try rebuilding the system and then recopying to the SSD.
If anyone has a guide to do that - I’d really appreciate a link
Thanks again