Axis camera component

I more or less know the cause, but I haven’t yet validated that is truly so nor have I yet figured out how I want to solve it :slight_smile:

Working on more fixes for 2024.3.2

Fisheye devices has a viewing option which does not support zoom controls. PR merged for 2024.3.2

Running as viewer fails to start integration. Workaround is to run as an administrator user. PR awaiting review Bump axis to v56 by Kane610 · Pull Request #113608 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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One more fix in for 2024.3.2

Handle 403 errors when access rights are not enough

Hello all!

Release notes of the Axis integration coming with Home Assistant 2024.4.0

With last release I introduced a more or less completely overhauled library, which many of you noticed. I’d like to thank everyone for great cooperation identifying and solving these. With the help of you I pushed out 10 releases over the last month with 15 different fixes based on all variations of devices and firmware you are running towards Home Assistant. (Axis v50-v59).

This release will mostly improve the different aspects of the integration as its a bit outdated in ways of doing stuff in Home assistant, its been along for a long time and needs some touch up from time to time.

Two new features introduced with this release that fit well together, the primary one would be added support for HTTPS, as some setups with other clients turn off HTTP access completely should now work well. The second one is the addition of the reconfigure flow so you can trigger an update of the configuration of the integration should you want to change from HTTP to HTTPS or any of the other parameters.

Also due to refactoring it was now very easy to solve the issue happening when restarting the device and Home Assistant complaining the integration does not create unique Ids resulting in duplicate entities.

Beta fixes



For feature requests of the integration post an issue at Axis github

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HASS 2024.4.1 comes with a couple of small fixes

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Upcoming HASS 2024.4.2 fixes