AZ-Touch and ESP32

… but it doesn’t solve the problem despite installing the box that no temperature sensors can be installed!!!

What are you quoting there?

Like it or not home assistant is written in python.

you have 8 free GPIOs but you can only install relays and some sensors like “vibration”…
You still have to assign an IP to your router, install another chip, with a temperature sensor, if you want to build a thermostat…

it’s not about HAASIO(py)!!!

probes to "AZ-TOUCH-MOD(py)!!!

Did someone tell you that the az-delivery device was a ready made thermostat with support here? So sue them.

No, it is a DIY project. If you want help, criticism like

And unexplained nonsense like

Or statements like

Without actually pointing to the documentation you are commenting on, is not going to make you any friends.


@bag.stg.kft he’s not the one flagging your posts. Other people are. Stop now. Final warning.

@paddy0174 do not respond. Please.

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Sorry, couldn’t resist to say my two (or a few more) words! Please feel free to delete any of my posts, as they don’t really fit into our cosy and nice forum living room! :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand what to stop and for what “last warning”, and when was the first “warning”?

You keep posting in German and you’re clearly getting angry and you’re not adjusting the text to English. For the last time, Adjust your posts to English. They are not coming through as English.


  1. German?
    who is this a problem for?
    my system is german, ergo wants to install in german too, so i’m not even curious about english answer. If anyone is interested in what I write, you can have it translated the same way I do it…
    Many devices are manufactured/ordered/used in Germany. This is discrimination if you (because you don’t understand and are lazy to translate) want to expose the German language… I don’t write in Hungarian, even though it’s my mother tongue, because “technical language” is German , not English, even if you don’t like it…

By the way, discrimination is a criminal offence.

No, I haven’t seen/read it, Hassio contributed me to Communitie without my doing…

Exactly how is forcing you to post in English a criminal offense? You can still use this service, you just have to post in English. Everyone does.

No one is stopping you from posting. You just have to follow the rules. You don’t follow the rules, you get removed. Normally we wouldn’t get this far, as most people will simply translate their question instead of arguing endlessly.


I also translate all the time…
I’m happy, however, if I can write/ask someone who understands my system language, because the google translation is not only inaccurate, it’s often misleading…

I would ask, but apparently iccch is not allowed… in English, no thanks, that only causes problems because of the translation (as before)

You’re welcome to post in both. But this is a English speaking forum, and you’ll most likely only get English responses.

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if i want to “find the answer” in english can also see that in youtube… In english…
However, I don’t understand how this works on your site… When you open an internet site, YouTube or Amazon, you see everything in your own language, as I do, without using google translator…

Why doesn’t this happen to you???

I use Googe translator and copy English here, and then I read everything in German

And yet you are asking us to use google online translations :man_facepalming:

No it’s not. I know Germany does a lot of translating, perhaps that is the normal setting for german computers but that is defiantly not normal here. Everything is in the language it’s posted.


There are other language unofficial HA forums. There is (or was) a European centric one, which I believe had a German section. Do not ask me for the URL as I did not bookmark it.


Hello, since I still don’t know which language is used, I’d rather write in English, otherwise I’ll only get in trouble again.
I want to take your word for it, “if someone wants to know something”
(AZ Delivery)
Most of the problems are more based on translation… Here, in the forum often too…
Yes, I also want to replace the thermostats, but I really have no idea how to go about it…
Not a single example works on this case in Arduino. At first I thought I assembled something wrong, but no, because Tasmota works, as does openHASP… only…

I don’t really know anymore…

There is
-Tasmota 32
-HASP mota
The last 2 are very similar, and like Tasmota’s minimal install… Unfortunately not really needed…
HomeAssistant connects everything that has to do with MQTT, including every Tasmota device… In OpenHASP, however, hardly anything can be changed… Sensors for Therme, DHT or DS don’t work… Analog, however, do… In that Case you have some free pins, for sensors and relays, but even if you install them in Tasmota, I can’t get the display… (not even talking about operation)

Homepoint works with this case… The little “bibser” can also be heard when you click on something, and that works without HomeAssistant, only MQTT is used and everything that was installed under mqtt… So Philips Hue installed automatically in Home Assistant, and either you register the devices via MQTT or NODERED, or you can’t operate it…
Most people use this openHASP as a media player… I never would have thought to use it for such nonsense…
Some as a “replacement device”, like a “second dashboard”… I also have a use for that…

I bought AZ-Touch because I don’t want to have a mini display, for which you need a magnifying glass to read it… With EasyESP you can get the OLED’s right, but this display in case is a real challenge… What I want to show (especially the time in a large format so that you can really see it) doesn’t work… The temperature display (like the picture of Delivery) doesn’t work either… I’ve already reached the point where I would really pay to have someone write me a code, or sell an ESP32 with code installed…

That’s the problem!!! My system, like Alexa, HomeAssistand & co, are all German. I never registered here, never specified anything, HomeAssistant did that itself. It’s like Windows PC and Microsoft, or Android phone and Google… That’s normal for me and I think it’s good. Each system uses its own system language, and will the appropriate webpage be opened, or translated…
I think that’s okay too…

Only people who don’t use Microsoft, Apple, Android (because it costs money?) have a problem with it, but Pinquin, because the translation doesn’t work automatically there (I tried “wubuntu life desktop”, it was a disaster for me, having to enter “sudo” every 5 minutes because, just like with Homeassistant, the “system” is not a system, a “permanent post-installation” is required

So how I ended up here instead of in Germany, and where I am actually then, I have no idea…
However, I had the initial setup of NodeRed from an Austrian in German in the forum!!!

…and what I also don’t understand is…
as has already been described, the seller "AZ-Touch (and also Zichatec) are at home in Germany, so eh, German, for which programs (like openHASP) were designed, which are consumers from DE/AT, which we write about here , still in English???
A student who uses English every day does not buy this case, rather his grandparents, who are already retired and have time for assembly, but who speak little English… Then what makes sense and what doesn’t? I understand that everything costs money, but if all websites were connected to the actual origin, “language problems” could not arise, because if nobody knows Chinese, certainly no “cn” looks. “io” is not unique!!! how am I supposed to know as a consumer that what I see on my system language is just a translation??? In Germany it is .de, in Austria .at… Even Amazon immediately asks whether “department store settings” should be changed? Also the phone notices because of GPS that it is not in America!!!