B22 lights - recommendations please

hey all,

I’m in the unfortunate situation where our very old house has many b22 light sockets - our lounge alone has 6 of them!

Could anyone recommend a tried & tested b22 wifi enabled LED bulb that works well with HomeAssistant?

On a side note, I looked into a smart switch instead, but alas our wiring is so old and intertwined that we would have to look into rewiring some of the house - which I would like to avoid obviously :smile:

Any tips appreciated!


b22 example light I’ve been looking at:

Not exactly wifi but close: I used a Phillips Hue light bulb with B22 fitting (white, dimmable, AU$ 30).

Does this light (aliexpress) connect to server on internet, and phone app does the same? So loose the internet and you are in the dark…

As per the other post today talking about the same thing, you can get very cheap B22 to ES converters from the likes of IKEA so you can use any of the bulbs available.

The Yeelight rgb ones, which are ES, are very good even for white only use and are often on offer for around £8 from gearbest rather than the criminal prices Phillips charge for Hue bulbs. They are easily freed from the internet and operated via the HA component.

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you sir, are my knight in shining armour

I didn’t know these existed till now:

which I then could fill with one of these (the ‘philips white bulb’ variety)

i think i might purchase one of each and see how I get on (unless of course you see something awry with that set up)


also, where is this other b22 thread you mention? my search skillz are letting me down obviously…

No probs. Only thing to watch with the adaptors is they obviously make the bulb project more from the fitting which can be an issue dependant on the circumstances.

The other thread was about a particular bulb already purchased specifically because it was B22 and I suggested the same thing regarding not limiting your choice by fitting…

You might want to read up on the Philips White bulb HA component before committing as, at least early days, people were having trouble setting them up. May be fine now but I don’t have any myself to comment. The RGB I know ones work perfectly and I only use them for the tuneable white but they are expensive on the link you posted and can often be had for the same price as the ‘Philips’ ones. Beware the white yeelight that has the same form factor as the RGB one, they work fine but are a very cold fixed temperature and many have been disappointed with them.

Now you know you’re not limited by the fitting, there is obviously the Ikea Tradfri range which are very good value for a Hue like experience without the trouser dropping prices, especially given the number you must be talking about.

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@Bobby_Nobble - very valuable info and thank you for your time!