Background image not displayed

I’m new in HA (I’m using a Home Assistant Green).
I’ve uploaded a theme using HACS (IoS Themes).

My problem is that the background are not displayed. I only get either white or black.
I assume the background images are not found by the Home Assistant… But what should I do?

(I’ve already installed the Studio Code Server and I tried to change the directories or filenames, without success so far…)

The images, as stored by the “ios themes”, are located in \CONFIG\themes\ios-themes\
The URL to access the images from the ios-themes.yaml is as follows:
background-image: “center / cover no-repeat fixed url(’/hacsfiles/themes/ios-themes/homekit-bg-dark-green.jpg’)”

I tried to change the /hacsfiles by /CONFIG … but it does not work also
Thank you

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Have you tried this?

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I hadn’t found that thread, thanks a lot.
It resolves my problem, indeed.
Not clear why the files get in the wrong directory after installation…

Glad to hear! Mind consider to mark the topic as answered?