Backing up Zwave Stick

Is it possible to backup the GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 Zwave Stick? The Aeotec gen5 seems to have a backup utility that can do this. I’m running Hassio through a VM on Windows 10. If I could see the stick through Windows maybe I could clone it?

I use the same stick and have never been able to find a backup utility for it either.

The Aeotec Stick 5 Tool is working for the ZME UZB1, so maybe it’s also working for your sticks.

I just tried that and it doesn’t see the stick. Worth a try though.

I’m looking for a utility, or some way to automate a periodic backup, and came across this manual method:

A year ago I moved from a ZME UZB1 to a Z-Stick 5+ using this tool and it may work for your purpose:

The risk is yours if it breaks something. Majority of the sticks are the same in regards to the firmware and configuration from what I gathered. This was the only thing that worked for me as I couldn’t get the Aeotec tool to work.